Heart Palpitations

I was injected 7.9.2021, that night I was nauseous and heart pounding, slept and slept and never thought much of it.  Woke next day ok.  About day 4/5 felt odd, just on edge, uneasy. The next day I had a very massive heart palpation, that took my breath away. That night  I struggled  with shortness of breath, and suffered from pins and needles in face.  Slept ok but woke next morning with a pounding heart, went to the bathroom, felt really weak.  Went back to bed,  restless heart still pounding and decided to get up again go feed the horses. Struggled severely and had to rest. Went back inside told partner something isn’t right, phoned GPs health Centre saw another GP as mine on leave was given and ECG and meds (told clear) and Propranolol Medication to help with the pounding heart- Also referred to mental health and informed I was just anxious, and suffered a panic attack.  Questioned this as had been over 24 hours, was told panic attacks can last a long time.

Couple days later still not right – went back to my GP – again told anxiety and given more meds – Quetiapine. Still not settling 2 days later, GP then told me to go to A and E – was given a chest x-ray, ECG and further bloods.  Asked if had taken anything different lately, spoke of the vaccine and was asked no don’t mean that, I mean like  meth. Ummmm no!!! I was asked did I think it was the vaccine – I said I didn’t know that’s why I am here, I was informed Id be the 1st to think so and no one here has had reactions like this –  I was discharged told nothing more they could do for me and sorry this is affecting my life, please call GP for any further concern’s.  I phoned the GP again a few days later as I was just getting worse,  was issued Prednisone for breathing (it was becoming really hard somedays) which made no difference over the 5 days. Now nausea kicked in, pins in needles hands, face and feet, numbness face and feet, exhaustion, shivers and felt very cold, sometimes body would just shake uncontrollably. The heart pounding was so intense sometimes I got very worried/scared. GP ordered D Dimer which came back as clear he informed and nothing else could be done for me except read up on hyperventilation, and ring ambulance should I get worse. I struggle to walk my 100M driveway most days, heart just pounds and I get faint.  I used to be able to walk/run/go out with friends, ride my horses, now daily chores are a struggle and end up in bed most days to rest. I’m now 6 weeks post jab and out of nowhere 2 nights ago couldn’t breath – face went numb, body tremors, felt cold and severe heart palpitations again.  I am a health worker and am about to lose my job 1.12.2021 should the mandate go through, I’m not only scared of what will happen to me if |I get the 2nd jab, but what will happen to me if I don’t.  Atm I’m choosing my health.

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