14 yr old boy – pericarditis 6hrs after Pfizer injx

Dear Prime Minister
I have a 14yr old son named Max. Hes a lovely kind typical boy who is extremely fit and active and likes to get out in the outdoors, mountain biking, hunting, fishing etc.
Unfortunately he can’t do any of those thing at the moment because he has developed PERICARDITIS 6 HOURS AFTER HIS FIRST COVID VACCINE.
I am double vaxed myself as is my husband and my kids have had all their shots during their lifetime. I am an educated person and a devoted mother. I believe in science and education and am passionate about helping young people (I work as a Teacher Aid). I put my children’s needs and safety above anything as would most mothers I’m sure you would agree. I was hesitant to get them the covid vaccine because I couldn’t really see how the benefits of them being vaccinated outweighed the risks of side effects from the vaccine. Specifically the chance of young boys and men developing heart problems. I even emailed the MOH and the covid team expressing my concerns and was reassured with the standard answer that even though there was a small risk it would be best if they were vaccinated.
As my kids are teenagers I let them have their say too. Max said to me that he didn’t really want to have it because why would he take the risk when he wouldn’t get sick from covid. However, he really wanted to get his haircut asap! How I wish I had found a hairdresser who would have cut it without a pass! Holly my 15yr old daughter also complained that she knew she would feel bad after the vaccine and what was the point since she too would unlikely get sick from covid. However she really wanted to go to a Billie Eilish concert next year.
I am speaking as a mother to a mother and I am asking you why we are being forced to vaccinate our kids, causing them even the slightest bit of pain and sickness for literally no medical gain for them.
And now Max has inflammation around his heart! My healthy 14 year old son is experiencing chest pains and breathlessness because of a vaccine that is of absolutely no benefit to him and potentially others as the vaccinated still spread covid!
He cannot do anything except sit on his game until his heart stops hurting and recovers and the doctors have literally no clue when that will be or if it will effect him in the future. How is that fair? How us that ok? And he is just one of many. The government are forcing these kids and young men to have a vaccine that actually is more of a risk to them than covid itself!
To say that I am angry is an understatement. I am livid! I am disgusted! I am distraught and disillusioned. How can this go on and be unaccounted for. Somebody must be held accountable.
Max has a job working for a contractors because he has dreams of being a diesel mechanic. He uses his money from his job to pay for his brand new mountain bike because he loves being active and outdoors. He will not be able to do his job until he is recovered will he receive any compensation for that??
If someone takes the time to even bother reading this then please for the sake of our kids and young men act now and make a difference. Please please stop forcing known, at risk, age groups who have little or no benefit from the vaccine to be vaccinated in order to do everyday things such as get a haircut or go swimming!!
Yours Faithfully
Marie Askew

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