side effects

I am a very health 44yr old female; active, healthy and very health conscious; always passed my WOF yearly bloods with my doctor who stated i am in the top 3% healthy rate for PI community. I had my 2nd vaccination 18/9/21. 2 weeks later i started to experience extreme tightening on my left side of my chest, under my left arm and down my arm. I’ve had heart palpitations and extreme tiredness. 4/11/21 now and i still get the tightening on my left side like something is about to burst & to make it worse it came on when i was driving; i made sure to call my husband as i was freaking out and in case no one had heard from me at least he would know what was happening to me. I am deeply distressed and fight the anxiety of WHAT THE HECK have they put in my body. I 100% regret this vaccine and I don’t ascribe to having even the flu jab; so why did i even give into this? I’m shaken and deeply distressed.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : NZ based