Covid Adverse Effect

Had my first shot last Tuesday. Almost passed out from the shot. Went home. The next day I awoke to a numb leg, arm, and huge chest pain. Also extremely tired. I called healthline who advised me to visit my GP. I couldn’t see him as he was too busy so visited a local GP. They admitted me to Middlemore Hospital. I had a covid test which made my noise bleed. I then sat in the waiting room with a blood nose and chest pain crying scared for my life for 2 hours. Once I was eventually called into the hospital there was no room. I had my ecg test sitting up in the area the nurses do there paper work. It came back fine I had a blood test and was told I could await the results in the car in the car park.. I had chest pain, a numb leg and arm and was scared.. I returned to the car. the blood test came back clear I was told to go home and rest. The next day I awoke and couldn’t put pressure on my left leg the numb one. Shooting pain in my upper leg was unbearable. I returned to the GP who told me to take ibuprofen and rest. I have rested for 6 days now. Not moving in bed. Scared, with chest pain, a numb leg and arm. My mental health is deteriorating, I’m scared my two young boys won’t have a dad. I called my GP today to see if he could help. He bought up my records and all he could see was that I had had a sore arm from the covid jab. That was it. I couldn’t believe it. I explained what happened to him. He just suggested another blood test. I asked to be tested for a blood clot. He just kept saying the vaccine was safe and that the blood test was the only thing we could do. I was a fit healthy 33 year old male 6 days ago going about my life raising my sons and loving my partner. Now I am reduced to my bed scared, crying, not knowing what the future holds. I had the vaccine to be safe to protect my family.. NO ONE IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY SEEMS TO CARE. I have being told so many similar stories. So So many.

Day 7 still in bed symptoms have not gotten any better.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : NZ Based