Vac shedding?

Is how I am feeling because of covid 19 vax shedding?

  1. About one month ago now my husband’s mother came out to our house for the day. She lives in a secure rest home due to her dementia. She had recently had the covid vaccine. She loves hugs and cuddles and I gave her many over the day she spent with us. The following week we saw her again at a family funeral so more hugs and lots of elderly at the funeral who may have been vaccinated too. After her visit to our house I had a terrible headache for three days which is unusual for me and felt very fatigued needing early nights more than usual. I am 57 and thought I had come through menopause as my periods finished 2 years ago after a few years of irregular bleeding, some anxiety etc. A week after mother in law’s visit my breasts and nipples became very sore, lower back ache and period type aching. Three weeks on my breasts are still sensitive but a lot better. I have had no bleeding but fatigue continues. Is this from shedding?

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