Pfizer vaccine/injection impact statement

Female Pakeha aged 24. Received Pfizer second dose on 20 October 2021 in afternoon.
Adverse Reaction Commencement: 23 October 2021 morning (3 days after vaccine)
I would like to begin with a disclaimer that I do not know for certain what caused my reaction/reactions. I remain open minded however critical. I also would like to state that the majority of the Healthcare professionals that I have dealt with have shown genuine compassion and seem to genuinely be trying to help. Unfortunately none so far have succeeded.
I am writing this in desperation, hoping the curated database of adverse reactions may shed a light on what is happening to me and some potential ways to navigate through what is and has been the most extremely traumatic period of my life.
This email is written based on daily journaling of my symptoms, hospital and doctors records. so I know it to be accurate. I have never had any episodes / health events even close to the severity of this.
I had my 2nd dose without any immediate reactions aside from a sore arm and feeling light headed at the clinic. Three days later I was at my workplace by myself. The time was around 9:30am. I had arrived maybe 30 minutes prior and was sitting at my computer. I was relaxed and free from stress / anxiety at the time.
I felt my chest get uncomfortably hot. A few seconds later I had chest tightness and pressure. I got up and walked around the room trying to figure out what could be happening. My breathing became very difficult. Gradually stabbing pains to the left and centre of my chest developed. I was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. I considered calling an ambulance. I called my partner who was close by and took me to the hospital. By this point my fingers, feet and legs had contorted and seized from lack of oxygen. I was taken in immediately for assessment and ECG which came back normal. The episode continued on and off for 2 hours. I had blood taken which were normal. I waited in ED until that evening only to be released with no treatment, no painkillers or anti inflammatories. Although I had told the medical staff that my symptoms had eased. I left assuming it was a panic attack after a google search for my symptoms (which I had never experienced before) The doctor stated he was not able to tell me exactly what had caused this and was not willing to speculate. This event was truly the most scared I had ever been in my life. I was prepared to die honestly.
Everything’s a blur from this point onwards but I was visiting the doctors frequently.
Over the next 2 weeks I had 4 more very severe episodes like this with the same symptoms. All in varied scenarios, most were in the morning. I noticed over this period of time when I attempted to sleep every night I would wake myself up at least 4 times with a heavy heart palpitation. This got to a point where I thought my heart was stopping as I was falling asleep so I would make my partner take my pulse through the night and check my breathing. I sought medical help from my GP who treated me for Panic Attacks without further testing. The selected medications did not help. I am aware that anxiety medication requires trial and error so I am still trying.
By mid November I was having these episodes severely 4-9 times a week, multiple times a day. With new symptoms appearing. One of these were severe heart palpitations.
By mid – late december I was having heart palpitations in the form of thumps flutters skipped beat and double beat every 2 -10 minutes 24/7. Accompanied by dizziness, lightheadedness, shooting pains and numbness down my left arm, neck and shoulder pain and cramping on the left side.
On the 6th Jan I was experiencing severe chest pains and tightness, left side jaw neck and shoulder cramping and tightness, left arm numbness and shooting pains, breathing difficulties, collapsing at the knees and unable to walk and after ringing Healthline, they sent an ambulance, which arrived about 20-30 minutes later. All results were normal including an ecg. I chose not to go to the hospital. I was used to dealing with these things on my own.
On the 26th of Jan I attempted exercising for the first time since the episodes started. Previously I was fit and did Muay Thai kickboxing. I walked only 20 metres up a slight incline. My heart was pounding very hard and fast. I paused and rested and walked incredibly slowly for a few more meters and then the worst chest pain i’ve ever had set in and I couldn’t breathe. I got very lightheaded and tingly. I did the many breathing exercises I have picked up over the past 4 months and sat down and managed to get the heart rate down. I then had a blood test for myocarditis that day and this came back negative.
Symptoms that have prevailed throughout the last 3 – 4 months include a shortness of breath constantly (to a mild extent) and more severe at times. Feeling like my throat is closing over / choking when breathing. Seemingly, inexplicable varying heart rates at times. Lack of energy.
Doctors comments:
In the weeks after the first event I was told by a GP it couldn’t possibly be vaccine related as vaccine reactions occur 24 hours after injection.
The Paramedic in the Ambulance also stated its not vaccine related as vaccine reactions happen only in the 3 week period after injection.
Disclaimer – I did not even consider this was vaccine related until several weeks in when my symptoms were becoming very severe and I started hearing other peoples experiences including a close friend (24 Male).
I feel defeated in saying this but I have become so used to feeling as if I am dying. I have such a depressed outlook on the situation now. Mentally the past months have left me in a constant profound state of disassociation, confusion, anxiety, dysphoria. I know myself and I know my body and I am really struggling to accept that all of this is caused by anxiety. However I am trying to remain open minded.
Some of the more severe symptoms are finally easing at least for the time being. I have noticed this only very recently however if the symptoms are in fact improving I am still left with the mental trauma of what has happened and this will be with me for a long while. I naturally have massive residual anxiety in addition to the prevailing symptoms. Accompanied by a very very drained bank account from exhausting every resource I could find. I had to stop working, stop my university studies, stop exercising because I was entirely in survival mode and my health concerns where/are consuming me.
It’s ironic that my life and my world has become so small and restricted, and if this is in fact caused by the vaccine, wasn’t the point of the vaccine to do the opposite?
Thanks for your dedication, time and hard work in collecting data related to vaccine injury. My situation may not be vaccine related but regardless, I know many many people closely that have had their lives turned upside down with myocarditis from the vaccine or blood clots etc etc so your work is incredibly valuable.
I have likely missed out some information and symptoms as there was a lot to keep track of.. so if you have any questions please get in touch.
Thanks for reading.

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