Pericarditis after vax, misdiagnosed and sent home – 16 yr old girl

Wow so what a rollercoaster!!!!!
My daughter has been diagnosed by a private cardiologist at The Heart Group with PERICARDITIS. Due to the Pfizer Vaccine.
How could Auckland hospital miss this ?
Being sent home and being misdiagnosed after having high CRP levels and chest pain and recent vaccination? I’m literally lost for words .
Thank god I followed my gut and got further testing , thank god a GP supported me and questioned Auckland Hospital diagnosis & apologised for the public Heath system failing us !
Thank god Our cardiologist accepted to see Keisha !!!!
Thank god my baby has been diagnosed correctly and on correct medication for the next 3 months might I add!!!!
Please continue to keep her in your prayers to make a full recovery.
People have a right to choose , but how the hell can you make an informed decision when these side affects aren’t being diagnosed correctly and NOT being documented. Especially our YOUNG PEOPLE !!!!!
I will continue to get justice for my baby and spread awareness !!!! Please share and parents IF you feel something is wrong , it means something is FOLLOW YOUR GUT!!!!
This is complete negligence and inexcusable.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : NZ