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NGA KAITIAKI TUKU IHO INCORPORATED 2724072 was registered with the NZ Companies Office on 18 December 2018.

We abbreviate our name to KTI. 

The purposes of the society is: to educate, empower and take all actions the Society deems appropriate by Committee, including the taking of legal action against individuals or organisations as well as promoting informed decision making and accountability in respect of health and wellbeing.

Kaitiaki is the Maori concept of guardianship, for the sky, the sea, the land and its fresh water. 

A kaitiaki is a guardian, whose responsibility for the wellbeing of environment and community is kaitiakitanga, a long- established Māori system of environmental management which is holistic, at peace with the environment, and prevents intrusions that cause environmental damage. 

Tuko Iho means ‘that which has been passed down to us’; an umbilical cord, a collective inheritance.

Following an AGM on 21 February 2021, actions have been directed towards addressing issues of medical concern, on water and on poison issues.

Some history 

2017  A think tank weekend on the 11- 12 November at Graham Valley near Motueka.

2018   The first  Conference / Hui and AGM was held on 24-25  November at the Riverside Cultural Centre near Motueka. 

2019  The second Hui / Conference  and AGM was held on Sept 21-22 at  Teapot Valley near Nelson.

2021 The third Conference / Hui  and AGM was held on 20-21  February 2021 at the Brook Valley Nelson.

Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho asserts a basic human right and spiritual obligation to guard and protect our sky, land, sea, fresh water and all its flora and fauna both personally and collectively. That is our  our basic commitment our kaupapa,   We shall not be denied those rights.    Let’s  take responsibility for what has passed into our care 

At the 2019 AGM we decided on the mission statement  
“Clean Green Organic Future leading to a Happier, Healthier Wellbeing”
At the 2021 AGM three motions were passed unanimously.
“That KTI establishes separate Incorporated Societies for educational, legal and other actions for specific issues” 
“That KTI will establish an Incorporated Society to take educational, legal and other actions on fresh water issues”  
“That KTI will commission lawyer, Sue Grey, to advise on legal challenges to key individuals and that KTI can be utilised for any such actions”   
Since then a new Incorporated Society  named : NGA KAITIAKI TUKU IHO MEDICAL ACTION SOCIETY  INCORPORATED   50060048  NZBN: 9429049129526  was  registered with the Companies office on 11 March 2021.