family member reactions

My twenty two year old son received his first Pfizer dose on 14/10/21. His reaction was a sore arm from the injection site and down to the lower arm. His second dose was 4/11/21. The reaction to this was more severe. Diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes ( left hand side armpit) which varied from uncomfortable to sore, sore neck and headaches. Unfortunately my son only admitted to these after me noticing he wasn’t well and querying whether these symptoms came after the vaccine.These lasted until yesterday 8/11/21. He is the only person in our household that has had the vaccine and knows our views are contrary to his. It was very upsetting for me and his father that he felt he had to hide this information from us and suffer alone. I am sure the reactions he had were more severe than what he told us.

My younger brother, 31 yrs received his first vaccine with no reactions. 2nd dose resulted in irregular heart beat, loss of breathe and feeling faint. Visited Hora Te Pai, Kapiti Coast.  Dr was concerned but said they couldn’t warrant a heart test because of the cost. He was rung after hours by a senior Dr that asked him to come in the next day for tests which they were now willing to perform but stated it would be done (under the table), implying he keep the test to himself. Thankfully his reactions to the vaccine are gone now.

I feel so many people are getting severe adverse reactions but are embarrassed to tell anyone because they felt forced into receiving it in the first place to maintain freedom of movement, non judgement and retaining their jobs. I hope you can use this data. If I can get my son and brother to consent to the information I have given you, I will.



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