Vax shedding

I have had Guillaine-Barre before from vaccine shedding in the past from my students in my class.  When they all got meningitis vac in 2001… now this year ..I have had many autoimmune problems in my life. All that I have recovered from somewhat.   I  have a son in law who is in the army. He had his first shot one month before he visited us. The day after he visited, I had a medical event.  My left  eye blew out with a bleed .. and left my eye dropping. I attended  E.D  in Whangarei as it look to me like Bells Palsy but they found nothing was wrong and told me the eye thing just happens sometimes. I was sent home telling me they did not know what had happened after a CT scan. I then developed bad  chest pain a week later and so I went back to E.D. in the end nothing was wrong I was given codeine and sent home. The chest pain went away.  Then at home I started with really dizzy head. So dizzy one night I vomited.. I could not drive or function , I had to lay down for days on end.  My doctor can’t explain what this and it’s been ongoing.   I am now taking a medication called 80 Betahistine HCL – 3 x daily which has helped me to at least feel confident to drive but when ever I start to try to do any work I get this feeling of dizziness come on. I have now developed a bad cough which has lasted 2 weeks but now is going away. I teach so this had begun  3 weeks  before school holidays and been ongoing till now. I have now cut down my teaching days to 1 day a week as I think 1 day  is sustainable for me. I don’t know if this is linked with the vax my son in law took but its a huge coincidence that it started the day after.  I just saw that Bells Palsy and ongoing dizziness can be an adverse reaction to the vac and wonder if I have been shed on by my son in law? I do not want to go public with this because I do not want to upset my beautiful step daughter and her lovely partner. But I feel that this should be recorded somewhere. I’m going to see my doctor this week and ask her about this  but I suspect I’ll be told that it is nonsense.

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