Shut up – or else! Doctor warned to keep quiet or face disciplinary action.

I have been following the whole COVID debacle closely and once I had recovered from my initial fear that we all experienced from seeing those terrible scenes in Wuhan and the fatality rate declared itself to be similar to the ‘flu (and even less dangerous to children than the ‘flu), it rapidly dawned on me that there was a wider, more sinister agenda behind this takedown of society as we knew it.

I began to research the science behind COVID and read the Pfizer and Moderna ‘vaccine’ data very thoroughly. I discovered that the efficacy data was actually extremely shaky for both medications – only a 0.7% absolute risk reduction for developing symptomatic COVID in the Pfizer vaccine group compared to the control group. The 95% risk reduction proclaimed as a great victory is a relative risk reduction compared to the already tiny risk experienced by the control group (who didn’t take the injection)  – it’s very misleading.

To explain that just a tiny bit, say your chance of winning lotto was one in a million and I came along and said, ‘Hey hey, I can improve your chances of winning by 100%.’ You’d think that was pretty good, eh? But actually, when you discovered that I’d increased your chances to two in a million ( an increase of 100%), you’d be less impressed. Your relative ‘risk’ of winning lotto increased by 100%, but your ABSOLUTE risk only increased by 1 in a million, or 0.000001%. Less than impressive!! The data on the Pfizer is a bit like that. Less than impressive 🙁 But to hear the government spout on about it, you’d think it was miracle dust!

I also discovered that there had been no testing of whether the medication stopped you getting COVID or passing it on (transmission). No testing! AND that the clinical trials were only months old, rather than the many (at least 5-10) years of trials required for other vaccines. Nobody knows the medium to long term effects of these things because not enough time has passed. Nobody is qualified to tell you that ‘They are safe.’ They don’t know.

Many deaths and adverse reactions have been reported worldwide already. Over 3000. Deaths. That sounds like quite a side effect to me.

So when asked for my opinion on the Pfizer shot by my colleagues, I gave my appraisal based on all the research I had been doing. ‘At the end of the day, it’s your choice,’ I told them. ‘But go do your own reading. Make a risk:benefit assessment for yourself.’ Older people with many other health problems, for example, might be willing to take the risk of an experimental medicine, rather than a young nurse with almost zero risk if serious harm from COVID.

Some of my nursing colleagues, clerical staff and other non-medical staff had already done a lot of background research and many were frightened to take the jab, despite the threat of potential job loss if they didn’t. NONE, I repeat, NONE of my doctor colleagues were even the slightest bit concerned. They got the Pfizer the second they could stick their arm out. No question. It was something you did ‘for the team, to keep everyone safe’, despite the fact that no definitive data on transmission is available. Despite the abysmal data on any risk reduction, and totally disregarding the tiny risk of serious harm from COVID to the vast majority of people.

Then recently, I got called into the office by my boss for a warning – someone had ‘informed’ my managers that I was an ‘anti-vaxxer’ (not true) and was spreading ‘falsehoods’ (I just wanna vomit when I hear that word) about the ‘vax.

‘If you do that, people won’t get it and we’ll have to redeploy them’, he said, shaking his head. ‘And there’s nowhere to redeploy them to. If YOU don’t get it, you’ll have to wear full PPE at work and you won’t be able to share communal spaces – to protect your team mates and the patients from the risk you pose to them. Then, we’ll have to put you somewhere else. I don’t know where yet.’

I felt physically sick as he went on to explain, ‘If you say one more word, ONE more word about the vax, you will face formal action against you by the DHB. You could lose your job.’

Meanwhile, my colleagues openly  slander anyone with any doubts about the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer injection. They are all ‘conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, hippies – or just plain dumb’. I have to remain silent during these ‘discussions’, because my job is at stake. No debate tolerated, because only one side of the story – the government’s one – can be true. I feel choked with anger at these times, because I used to believe that we lived in a democracy (not so) where open discussion was allowed. No longer. The illusion of democracy is no longer maintained, revealing the ugly face of totalitarianism and control.

We have had multiple patients at the hospital with health problems immediately post injection. Chest pain, facial swelling, vision loss and severe sepsis. No link between these acute problems and the vax is allowed. ‘It is 100% safe,’ I’ve heard a colleague say. ‘It basically doesn’t do anything to the body, so how could it cause any harm?’ Any suggestion that the timing of the medication pre-illness could be linked is frowned upon as ‘quackery’. I despair.

The medical council sent a letter out yesterday to all doctors telling them that they are expected to take the injection as a professional requirement, as the best way to stop COVID rampaging through NZ (despite the awkward fact that they don’t yet know if it stops you getting or giving the virus, nor how long any ‘immunity’ might last).

I see it as the precursor to mandatory vax: no injection, no medical registration. Just watch. I’m sure it’s going to happen.

I’ve been assured that if I shut up, I won’t lose my job. But looking at the poor Border Workers and the new, bizarrely harsh legislation now cemented into law about mandatory vax or dismissal – no jab, no job – the writing is on the wall for both me and my non doctor co-workers who are unwilling to risk all to take an experimental medication for a disease that poses minimal risk to most people.

Me and my family are brainstorming as to how the heck we’re going to manage without an income. My career of twenty years, my vocation – gone in the squirt of a syringe (or the refusal of one).

As a doctor, I took an oath to protect my patients, to always do my best for them, and to ‘first, do no harm.’ I believe this vax rollout has the potential to do tremendous harm, and I can’t go along with it.

I’m fearful for what lies ahead, but I cannot look back on this time and know I colluded with this mass experiment on a trusting public. How long can I stay silent to keep my job? I’m not sure.

I urge you to go do your own research. Chat with your family. Most doctors’ knowledge of this experimental medicine is limited to the ministry of health website info. Few doctors seem to have done any extra digging into the topic. No, you need to better than this. You need to make a more informed decision, and the only person to make that decision is you.

I wish you, reading this, all the very best. As the ‘vax passport inevitably gets brought in (a microbiologist friend of mine told me the government was proposing plans for our version of it, something called the ‘Common Pass’ even as early as lockdown 2020, something I find chilling), we will all have to decide – my job or the jab. My silence or my bravery to speak up. My submission to the government plans, or my exclusion from society as a new under-class of intelligent being who refuses this injection.

I can’t believe it’s happening, but it is. It really is.

Whatever your views are, we should all defend our rights as New Zealanders to be able to express them. Otherwise, our inevitable fate is to be silenced forever by this emerging tyranny. Overly dramatic? Alas, I don’t think so – but it’s up to you to decide.


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