Adverse reaction

I got my 1st vaccination, being reluctant and feeling it was a forced due to being a student studying a Diploma in IT.

I had it on 14 September 2021 at 1.30pm at E Tu Pasifika Vaccination Centre.  During the injection entry I felt instant pain, and on exit of needle I bled.

My arm was very sore, I was told bleeding was normal and the pain is too and it would subside.

After first week my shoulder, arm and neck were all stiff and sore and limiting my ability to move and do things.  I spend the weekend in bed with severe headaches and my blood pressure was very high when I went to the Dr the following Tuesday 21st September, and I went back to see the nurse on Friday to track the blood pressure.  I was given an increased dosage of Candestarten from 8mg to 32mg.  I was also given Felodipine, I went back to Dr again the following week and Blood pressure was still high.  I can get all the recordings from the Dr notes this week when I go back.

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