covid vaccine adverse reaction

Please forgive the bad english, possibly bad spelling and punctuation as my brain is still not right atm.

I was one completely against this vaccine but I also have bronchiectasis and my girls have asthma so I was hassled quite a bit so decided to just give up and take it.

1st jab was fine, just classic sore arm.

2nd Jab 3.30pm 7th October
‘Immediate’ reaction (literally as nurse was pulling needle out) of metallic taste in throat (a billion times worse than a saline flush in a lure in hospital). This led to burst of heat in my throat like I had swallowed concentrated acid. This in turned swelled my throat and made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. My head felt dizzy, spaced out and I don’t really recall what happened in a min or 2 because of it. (Nurse told me to get on floor but I don’t remember how I got there, nurse said she screamed and apologised to other nurses because of it but I don’t remember that or a few more things).
When I came round a bit more they sat me up and gave me water to drink as my throat felt like it had been burnt out. I couldn’t talk properly because of it. My head felt weird like I was away with the fairies. They gave me antihistamines and watched me for quite a while and did obs regularly.
When all this was happening, one thing I did say was don’t jab my kids (who were in the waiting room waiting for theirs). When I was put out to be watched and in no state to argue they still asked my kids to come in to be jabbed. My kids were frightened as they had been told what happened, but nurse then told them that I just had been weird and I was ok and it won’t happen to them. I guess adults really have no say?!

When they let me go home I wasn’t right still. My husband brought me gaviscon, strepsils and iceblocks (which I found I couldn’t eat anyway) because my throat was so swollen from that acid feeling.
That evening my head and neck swelled causing a lot of pressure. I rang healthline. They contacted the oncall doctor who said for me just to take another antihistamine and I will be fine. Then I started acting drunk.
About 7pm I got so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake. I slept the next 40 hours. When my husband would wake me I was still acting drunk.
When I did get up eventually I just fell asleep again after a short while. This kept happening. I just couldn’t stay awake.
My throat wouldn’t stop swelling. My brain would always feel like I was away with the fairies, I’d have headaches, I was slower than normal etc.

I went to the drs on Monday and explained everything and got told to ‘rest’ I said seriously?!
He did an ecg and bloods to make sure it hadn’t affected my heart which came back negative.
On wednesday my left side of my bodies lymph glands all swelled up, (along with pain in the left of my chest) I was prewarned this was a normal response to side that was jabbed. But today, Saturday (one week and 2 days after the jab) my right side is now also swollen.
Out of 24 hours a day I am probably spending at least 20 of them lying down now either sleeping or trying to stop myself feeling sick.
I either haven’t been able to eat due to sleeping, haven’t felt like eating or have felt like eating but start then feel sick. I’ve had lots of nausea (my bucket stays near me).

I feel like if I go back to the drs they are programmed to say just get rest because they aren’t allowed to say anything negative about the jab at all.

Still wondering how long this is all going to last….

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