Man constantly sick after second shot

A local man I know who does a lot of work for us has been permanently unwell with lethargy and cold symptoms since his second shot.  He is a big fit strong man and probably in his forties so it is very unusual and debilitating for him.  He said if he sits down to rest it is worse, far worse symptom wise.  He has a permanent cough and cold now, (covid like symptoms!) and has bad and good days he said.

He was so unwell the other day he couldn’t even leave his house to attend to work.

The shocking thing is that when he informed his GP of his symptoms the GP told him, don’t worry it is normal what you are experiencing.  Hmmm.  Normal that for two months he has a permanent cold and lethargy since the second shot, to the point he sometimes can’t even work.  How are our NZ doctors prescribing such utter tripe?

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : NZ