My Mother passed away a few days after her second Pfizer injection

My Mother, 89, passed away few days (5 )after her second Pfizer injection:

My mother was living in Holland and we are residents in New Zealand.
She was 89 and the whole year not afraid for covid . In the home where she lived a few people ( one of 92) had ‘it’ and they recovered from it as from a flu.
A few weeks after her first injection my mother suddenly fell in her room and she was brought to hospital by ambulance. She had a brain-haemorrhage, high blood-pressure. She came on Friday March 19th , was on the monitor , and could go home on Sunday 21th . It took hours to leave hospital because they needed to test her on covid ( negative).
On Monday she was incredibly clear in her conversation on the phone. I begged her not to go for the 2nd injection , which made her angry, because she did it for the other people in the house.
My daughter told me later on that she was nauseous  straight away after she had got the jab on Thursday the 25th
She didn’t feel well on Monday evening, and Monday night she pressed a button because she felt very bad .  On Tuesday  morning 30th  a deputy gp came to her at 9 am. My mother was short in breath and had chest-pain. The doctor said she had a cough. My mother answered it was a morning cough which is normal for her. The deputy gp left my mother alone, and she got no nurse or assistance ( were they afraid for ‘covid’?) of the house. At about 10.30  someone of the resthome called the gp that she had to come again. The same doctor came at 12 o’clock (so  1 ½ hour later !) totally in plastic to take a test, but my mother was not alive anymore. The test on her dead body appeared to be negative later on. ( otherwise she would have been registered as another covid death ).
Her gp has registered her at Lareb ( the Dutch institute as Carm) as died after 2nd Pfizer ‘vaccination’. Later on I saw examples/video’s of exactly the same deaths and I feel very bad there was no autopsy.


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