Adverse reaction to COVID Vaccine

I received a COVID Pfizer vax # 1 on Friday May 28 at my local Health Centre here on Great Barrier Island. I had a little bit of a sore arm on day 2-3 then this went away. About a week later I started feeling unwell- like I was coming down with a flu and my brain felt a bit foggy and headachy. I took panadol extra for the headaches. On Tuesday June 8th I did not feel good in the morning and had trouble concentrating- I was teaching a class online that morning for x 2 hours and had to focus really hard to keep things together. After just over an hour I lost awareness of what I was supposed to be doing and where I was in the schedule despite clearly written notes. My trainer colleague took over for the rest of the session then stayed online with me while she coached me to call for medical help. She was very concerned and thought perhaps I was having a stroke or something similar as I had mentioned the day before I was not feeling well and thought it was a reaction to the vaccine. I apprently rang our local medical centre 3 times and it was 1.5 hrs later that help arrived at around 3.15 to 3.30pm – my colleague had remained online with me until the nurse arrived. I was apparently lucid but very confused and kept repeating the same questions over and over and my pulse was racing. My blood pressure was erratic and went very high (200 over 165 at one point) and I was evacuated by Westpac helicopter to Auckland Hospital at around 4.30pm that afternoon. I have no recollection of any of this other than very fleeting images as if in a deep dream. I was sent for various tests eg. ECG’s CT Scan blood tests etc and my blood pressure was monitored for many hours. I was given medication through a lure in my Rt arm for blood pressure and for an ensuing migraine headache later on. I was kept in overnight for observation then released the following morning. My memory and capacity to function in a limited way started returning around 8.45pm on the day, but the rest of the day was a total mystery. I spoke to the neurologist who told me that all my tests were clear and they believed I had a TGA episode (Transient Global Amnesia). I requested she write on my notes that I was querying an adverse vaccine reaction as I have had a history of immune issues for many years. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 1986 then Fibromyalgia and Migraine headaches in the 1990’s. I finally got a diagnosis of Post- Lymes disease from a blood test in UK in July 2019. I have looked after myself and learned how to keep myself well over these many years using natural remedies therapies and diet, and was feeling in a relatively healthy and well placed until I received the vaccine which has thrown my body into chaos again. For many days after the episode I felt confused and was unable to remember much about the few days before the episode, but was able to start piecing things together by talking with those who were involved with me at this time. I felt like my head was in a box and disconnected from my body, and after a few days more headaches kicked in and I felt as if I had a tight band around my head and my eyes and vision felt strange. I  was extremely fatigued, couldnt think straight and had brain fog for days but this slowly improved with some homeopathic medicines. However since this time my body has been in a crisis response – my nervous system has been on overload so I am often feeling shaky, I have been experiencing extensive body pain, chronic muscle inflammation, heart palpitations and chronic fatigue all of which comes and goes so I have bad, not so good and better days. I am resting when I can and taking care of myself using more natural medicines and therapies, and taking headache medication (panadol/ibuprofen/voltaren) as required for pain so I can function rest and sleep adequately. I am fortunate to have professional help on hand but this has so far cost me around $900 in health and wellness support – which is unsustainable for much longer.

I have no idea where to turn to for government support and help but intend to log this with ACC this week.


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