Last week my employer (I work in a luxury aged care facility) threatened to have the nursing council revoke my ability
to practice as an RN (via a disciplinary hearing) and they also threatened to fire me … all because I tried to warn one of our
young cleaning ladies to NOT get the jab.  She is a new mom and breast feeding … can you imagine how insane
this is?  They called me into an “urgent” meeting where it was written In the meeting “invitation” that the outcome
would be one of the two (disciplinary hearing and /or get fired).  Fortunately, I was able to contact a fantastic lawyer who came in as my “support” person.  Bottom line is that this amazing lady
absolutely demolished my pathetic petty tyrant of a boss, who just sat there like a stunned fool.  The saga is far from over
but so far I still have my licence and my job …  the FIGHT is worth every damn inch of effort.  I’m 65 and don’t care what happens to me … I will go out FIGHTING with everything I have and I will continue to warn everyone I can about this jab. We win or we die.

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