The following is a letter from the boss at my partner’s workplace. It pre-dates the government’s announcement about NZ vaccine passports. It’s so unsettling to see the boss of a workplace becoming a de facto enforcer:


Re Vaccinations

As a Company policy I strongly recommend every member of our team and our extended work community to Vaccinate.

As we are all aware the Question “To Vaccinate” or “Not to Vaccinate” is a choice that is a personal and individual one. Of that there is no debate.

The outcome of an individual’s choice does however determine the safety, the health and livelihood of others.

As we are a Company where we have employees interacting with the public, in the home, in the commercial environment and in the showroom I would like to advocate we are a 100% Covid vaccinated workplace.

We need the combined efforts of each and every team member to achieve that goal.

This will bring a sense of comfort to all our fellow employees and a real sense of safety and compliance to our customers.

We are considering allowing access to our business only to those who are vaccinated.

I also believe that an employee deserves the right to know the Vaccination status of their workmates and also those who they are coming in contact with.

Because this information is at this stage confidential our teams individual vaccination status has not been shared Companywide.

I can however disclose to you that in excess of 95% of our employees and close quarter sub-contractors team have received either both jabs or have had one and are awaiting the other.

When we last communicated you were undecided due to some possible health concerns.

As we are scheduled to reopen the showroom to the public next week I ask, have you reached a decision?



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