Transmission or coincidence?

I work as a caregiver looking after those affected with dementia in a care home. On Monday the residents were given their second dose of the covid injection as well as the staff. I did not get the injection. My days off were Tuesday and Wednesday, returning to work Thursday. On Friday late afternoon my partner took me to A&E as I was having difficulty breathing. I became clammy and my hands were numb. I became dizzy and started to shake. My body felt like lead. I thought I was having a heart attack.  I am fit and healthy for my age  (mid 50s) and do not take any medications, and do not smoke. Very rarely do I visit the doctor. I am not anti vax but I did not want the covid jab as there was not enough information to prove to me it is safe and effective.

The hospital checked my blood and said my heart was good (not a heart attack), liver and kidney functions were good and could not explain why I had this reaction. The only “abnormal” thing they could find was low oxygen levels in my blood. I was discharged later that night.

I don’t know if this was a coincidence or this was going to happen regardless of the covid injection. Just wanted to let people know in case  they have experienced something similar


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