Heart palpitations ,chest pain

Im a Healthy female in my late 20s with no serious underlying health issues , some seasonal hayfever and asthma that’s it. After becoming aware I may not get to travel without being vaccinated and a lot of 50/50 thoughts I went and had it.

I had the 1st dose of pfizer a fortnight ago, Within the first week I was unable to exercise properly, as I would become light headed and need to stop. I had on and off heart palpitations over the week with some chest discomfort and a strange feeling left arm, like tingling and numbness at times, note this was not my jab arm that was the right side. I felt paranoid about my cardiovascular system.  Currently into the 2nd week the palpitations have subsided and I am feeling better however I am still going for a GP visit this week to get a health check and voice my concerns about this reaction as it had made me uncomfortable and I now don’t feel comfortable with a 2nd dose.


Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : Nz