Pfizer adverse reaction?

I got my first vaccine shot 17th september 2021.  (I have not had my 2nd).  After the shot, sitting in the waiting room, my hands were hurting otherwise i felt fine, got up and left after 10 or 15 minutes and got immediate sharp chest pain.  I went home and felt “drunk” or high that whole night (not on any other meds and i dont drink alcohol).

The next day, light sensitivity, head pressure and a very stiff neck to the point i couldnt turn my head (i had reported this to CARM) which i knew was related to the vaccine as I slept fine.

The third day I felt completely normal apart from my arm was itchy and raised where the injection was.

Since the shot 17 September 2pm till now 1 October 2021 I have had unexplained chest pains, brain fog, fatigue, even now I cant focus, brain feels pressure and my arm swelling only just went away.  I get crazy phantom menstrual cramps and bloating where as before … my periods always were on time and never painful.. now the pain comes and goes daily but no bleeding of course but it has really messed with my body.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : New zealand