previously health 79 yo fell after covid injection, now in ICU for heart issues

My nana who is 79 years of age, She still gardens, looks after her great granddaughter, drives etc got a covid vaccine Saturday the 18th of September. Two days prior she attended her doctors due to some slight hesitancy in getting the vaccine and for some reassurance mainly due to me voicing my concerns. Her doctor said she’s “the healthiest she’s seen her in a long time and nothing to worry about” 8 days later she fell in her bathroom for no reason. An hour later she fell again. My mother called an ambulance who admitted her to hosp.  She has 4 cracked ribs, blood in her lung which is currently being drained, her heart is being monitored and there’s a possible shadow on her lung. She is in the ICU ward for cardiac issues. She is awake, talking but very forgetful. Bloods, CT scan and X-rays were done on admission yet here we are two days later still waiting for any results. Will keep you updated.
Thank you for all you are doing


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