Raised BP and palpitations

I am an otherwise fit 55 year old female with pre-existing hypertension managed by 8mg candesartan daily. Typical BP 130 over 90.

Noticed slight chest fluttering following first vax, thought nothing of it. On the evening of my 2nd vaccination, 3 weeks later, I began having strange palpitations that kept me awake for hours. The following day developed headache and the palpitations continued intermittently, esp at night. My husband, who is a nurse, took my BP Monday evening, 180 over 120. Contacted GP and made booking for phone consult next day. GP arranged for ecg Tuesday afternoon, all clear, and likewise bloods and urine sample OK. However, now on 8mg candesartan 2x  daily, BP stable at 150 over 100. Palpitations continue and headache. Now 1 week post 2nd vax. Planning to take things easy and wait for BP to lower.

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