Covid Vaccine adverse reaction, vomiting

Reporting on behalf of my Mother, Judith Chambers.

DOB 19/03/1939

Date / Batch of first injection; 13/05/2021   ET9096

Date / Batch of second injection; 15/06/2021   EX2405-034

Date of first symptoms / reaction; 17/06/2021 Vomiting, unable to keep food down.

Admitted to Christchurch hospital on 18/06/2021. Released from Hospital on 21/06/2021. Diagnosed as Spigelian Hernia. The comment was made that “not thought to be related to Covid Vaccine”. Given that the normal treatment for a Spigelian Hernia is surgery, which does not seem to have happened, plus the timing, and the fact that Covid Vaccine reactions seem to happen pretty randomly, I am still suspicious that it could well be related. I have heard that there have been several other cases that have presented in the same way.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : NZ based