Adverse events noticed in 5 patients

  1. Healthy male, mid 20’s got 1st shot. Same day he started experiencing dizziness and severe nausea. For the next week the symptoms continued and he struggled getting out of bed due to exhaustion. Went to ED on day 2 and was given anti-nausea meds.
  2. Healthy female mid 30’s got 1st or 2nd shot (not sure which one). Got significant lymphadenopathy in her axillary region. She described it as looking like a ‘third breast’. She called the helpline and got no response. Lymphadenopathy went down after a week. This was combined with severe exhaustion for a couple of weeks.
  3. Male on late 60’s. First shot- bed ridden with flu like symptoms for 2.5 weeks.
  4. Healthy, fit male in 50’s. First shot- exhausted for at least 2 weeks after.
  5. Male 50’s after 2nd shot. Couple of days later experienced shortness of breath, severe cramping pain in in lower anterior intercostal region, exhaustion, runny nose and coughing.

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