Died one month after CV Vx

My partner….
65 yr old fit man hard-worker
Unwell days following CV V 16/5/21
Suffered stroke 2.5 weeks post covid vaccine
Massive brain bleed 11 days later
Deceased Middlemore Hosp ICU 16/6/21

A conservationist, bushman, gym junky, an entrepreneur and a man full of life and energy with a beautiful personna. He wasn’t looking forward to the vaccine but he did it for his mokos who he loved dearly. He rang me a week later to tell me he didn’t feel good but shrugged it off and voiced maybe he’s working too hard. He then rang me on the 3rd June at 1045pm complaining of bad headaches and sore eyes I told him I was in my way to Auckland and he needed to ring an ambulance but replied “no I’m not that bad” so I told him not to go to work Friday of which  he agreed. On the 7th June I heard he was in Auckland Hospital so I went to him and never left his side.

He was a fighter and had everything to live for, beautiful children and mokos whom he doted on and always spoke about. He was also diagnosed on the 9/6/21 with Lymphoma in the Naso-pharyngeal area following a biopsy report I was present that night when he was informed by ENT specialist. He suffered with what was diagnosed as sinusitis January 2021 his Dr telling him there was nothing they could do except feed him anti inflammatories, Antibiotics and Paracetamol. By March I demanded he go back to his Dr and ask for ENT specialised input; I insisted on going with him. He was informed any appointment could take a couple of months he was fine with that. On the 14th May after much consideration he told me that he was booked to have his Covid19 vaccine I told him I was happy for him because it was his choice. I also queried his sinusitis and asked whether he was medically cleared to have it done he said yes.   Over the days and weeks that followed we would talk over the phone and he admitted he wasn’t feeling well. I never dreamt that I would be sitting beside him in a hospital for nearly 2 weeks. Dr’s in Auckland could not say for sure what caused the clots but one Dr in Middlemore ICU confided and convinced it could have been an adverse affect of the vaccine but admitted he couldn’t be sure and not to quote him on that. Now I’m convinced after researching what could be fact that the vaccine may have been an exacerbated cause.

He was looking forward to coming out of hospital he and I were getting an apartment in South Auckland so he was near chemo which is what he was told would happen following stroke rehab. He asked if I would stay with him and look after him he wasn’t confident being on his own. I agreed and told him I would make plans while he underwent rehab because I wouldn’t need to be 24/7 with him in the hospital.

In early hours of the 15th June he suffered a massive brain bleed and was rushed to ICU where he was intubated and placed in an induced coma. I was told by Dr’s that the prognosis was not good and that He was dying. At 11am on the 16th June he died in my arms, his breathing stopped. Staff kept him on the ventilator and machine to allow his daughter who flew from Melbourne that night to touch his warmth for the last time. 2 hours after her arrival the machines were turned off and he was pronounced deceased within seconds.

He was a fighter a hard worker a tough guy…..


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