Severe shedding reaction

In excellent health and fitness, I trained in a small sweaty gym with someone who’d had the shot hours earlier. Over the next few days I was potentially exposed to many more in an airport & on plane. Days later I collapsed suddenly and almost fainted. My heart rate dropped, I was cold, dizzy and weak, BP initially went up then down, I was nauseous and couldn’t stand or walk without assistance. I had huge rushes of energy throughout my body and chest tightness. A couple of hours later I began to lose speech, couldn’t finish sentences or find my words. I couldn’t maintain focus on what was being said to me either.

I ended up having two of these severe reactions that took me to Emergency, had blood tests, chest Xray and ECGs but nothing was indicated apart from bradycardia (low heart rate). I then had another two episodes that were less severe but put me back in bed for two days each time. Episodes were spaces roughly a week apart.

Over the course of that month I experienced dizziness, vertigo, poor peripheral circulation (hands and feet like ice-blocks), forgetfulness, trouble with my speech and bouts of amnesia (would suddenly forget how to do something or which toothbrush was mine). I also had mild chest pain and tightness during the ‘episodes’ when my heart rate would drop. I felt very tired and weak. Not one of the 12-15 hospital staff, paramedics or doctors I saw asked if I’d had the jab which I thought was interesting. The other thing that happened during that month was menstrual disruption, I bled twice two weeks apart and heavier than usual. I have no underlying conditions that make sense of this experience and it was really scary for myself and my family but I’m pleased to report that with lots of rest and gentle detoxification I’ve healed and finally feel healthy again.

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