My 2 week delayed reaction

28th May 2021 had injection 1. Since that day and progressively I have been experiencing body aches, migraines, swollen feet, muscle spasms, dizzy spells, hot and cold spells, delayed thinking and response to conversations, diarrhoea and nausea.

Over a two week period my symptoms went from 2/10 to 9/10 pain scale.  I experienced increase in pain.  At first I thought it was just my fibro playing up, but over the two week period til now I have been spending less time doing chores and more time in bed in recovery.

I do suffer from fibromyalgia, fatty liver disease, migraines, high blood pressure and am pre-diabetic.

Today and yesterday (9-10th June 2021) my head has been pounding and my muscles aching. Most Doctors I have encountered in NZ do not even believe in fibromyalgia, which makes it hard to reach out for help.

As remedial pain relief I have been taking ibuprofen, tramadol and some cannabis oil.  Sometimes I need to take all three at the same time.  That’s how severe the pain got.  The oil is not on prescription due to accessibility and cost through the health system. Have filed an adverse reaction report online.

I have since seen the Doctor and had some blood tests done.  My blood pressure is very high, Doctor couldn’t find any reason for my increase in pain.  Unfortunately fibro pain is seen as psychological in NZ.


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