Press release 10th May 2021



Doctors and large contingent of interested public are expected to travel from around New Zealand  to the High Court Wellington for the “Vax Challenge” this Wednesday.

Doctors and medical people from all over NZ have indicated they intend to travel to Wellington to attend High Court proceedings against the Prime Minister and five other Ministry of Health officials including Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Medical Society Inc. have been given an urgent hearing before the High Court to argue the legality of the approval of the Pfizer Vaccine which has only  been given provisional consent for the novel Pfizer mRNA vaccine to be used on a restricted basis for the treatment of a limited number of patients.

Provisional consent was granted after the Minister’s delegate Chris James of Medsafe decided that there were too many information gaps and uncertainties for full approval to be given. Instead he gazetted “provisional consent” subject to 58 conditions. These required more information about the safety and efficacy of this new injection and integrity of the manufacturing process.

Lawyers Sue Grey and Warren Pike acting for the applicant will argue the matter before the High Court at 10am Wednesday 12th May with Crown Law defending the Governments actions.  Large numbers of interested doctors, patients, bullied employees and representatives from groups who are concerned about the loss of democracy and body sovereignty are expected to attend from all over NZ. Union leaders have also indicated they are watching with interest, as the outcome has an important bearing on the recent “No Jab No Job” legislation of the Government.

Alan Simmons, Board member of Ngi Katiaki Tku Iho  said “The legality of the Vaccine is of extreme importance, as people are being threatened with loss of jobs if they decline this experimental vaccine. The publicly disclosed documents from Medsafe indicate their are many concerns about the safety of this injection. Already many deaths have been reported post vaccination. Many others have had to take time off work to recover from debilitating effects after receiving the jab. Many concerns about the injection are shared by doctors who signed an Open Letter. Alan went on to say “We have had a massive amount of public support from diverse interests. One Wellington doctor has commented that he didn’t want his surgery in two years time to be loaded with patients who had serious long term side effects from an experimental vaccine that was not necessary while Covid was not present in NZ. Nurses and staff in Retirement Villages have reported bullying for even questioning the safety of the vaccine for pregnant colleagues and seniors on medications ”

The Case is CIV-2021-485-181 Nga Kaitiaki Tuku Iho Medical Society Inc v Minister of Health, the Director General Of Health,  Christopher James,  the Prime Minister of NZ, the Minister of Covid Response and the Attorney-General.  The case is scheduled for a 10am start at the High Court, Wellington on Wednesday 12th May 2021


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