Informed to sign a waiver if we decline the vaccine

I work inĀ  mental health and addiction.. We were never told about a date we would be vaccinated. Our CE sends an e mail 17/03/21 and says we are up for vaccination in 4 days. Talk about being blindsided. The e mail also read are you accepting or declining. There were many of my work colleagues from different services we operate who declined. Due to many declining our CE sends a waiver for us to sign. Some of the waiver was fair enough. Protecting the interests of our organization. If we were exposed to covid 19. We agree not to hold our organization liable etc. The part of the waiver I did not like was if we sign the waiver. If those who decline the vaccine and put anyone at risk of covid 19. Our organization were able to alter our contract (my union said not to sign due to them able to alter me straight out of my job), stand us down without pay, remove us and put us in a area of our workplace where we do not put anyone at risk, unable to participate in organizational activities. Due to the waiver. Many of my work colleagues accepted the vaccine due to stress relating to worried about losing their jobs by altering their contracts, stood down without pay etc. So far work colleagues vaccine on 17/03/21 have had there second pfizer jab. Those who missed the 17/03/21 were vaccinated on the 12/04/21 and waiting for the second jab next week sometime. I am assistant manager and one of the only managers who have yet to take the vaccine. Three times now I have avoided the vaccine and will find a reason to avoid it a fourth time. Thanks team for what you are doing but I am unsure how long I can keep avoiding this experimental vaccine. I do not want to leave the job I love so much. But due to the waiver. I feel this is a mechanism to oust me out. Very stressful time!


Ngaa mihi arohanui

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