Adverse Effect

I know this is a long read but I am in need of help.

I have surgery coming up in December for a nerve wrap in my arm (second one) being pretty extensive if I don’t have it, give it a few months my arm wouldn’t be usable. Of course if I wasn’t fully jabbed by then they wouldn’t do my surgery. Absolutely no other options I could’ve taken or any other surgeons could have done it without me being fully jabbed. I had my first jab on the 29th of October ; manageable left sided chest pain that lasted a day, fatigue and rash on the right side of my body ( I have coeliac disease, but I hadn’t touched any gluten for it to cause rash).

I got the second on the 20th of November ; horrendous chest pain that night, along with itch all over my entire body and come Monday night I couldn’t breath and had intense left sided chest pain, ended up in the ambo and the hospital told me it was my asthma or could be anxiety… it felt as though my throat was the size of a straw and someone was ripping my chest open. I went home early hours of Tuesday morning with some pain meds after putting me on nebulisers that didn’t work and giving me high dose painkillers that weren’t helping.

Tuesday night I was in the hospital again, pain absolutely insane along with breathing as it hurt. There were at least 5 other people we saw in the ED dealing with the same thing. The doc realised we knew about side affects and finally gave up hiding it, he said I have an inflammation of my chest wall which is now spreading all over both sides. He said it IS an adverse side affect and it IS from the jab.. may be days, may be weeks. My left arm now feels dead/heavy and my hand cramps quite often to the point I can’t move it, the pain is spreading and nothing seems to get rid of it. All because I need surgery that I couldn’t delay

My chest pain has gone right across to my right side, my left arm is very weak, crampy and very painful. My right arm is starting to do the same. The constant stabbing pain in my left side of my chest it still there. My entire chest right down to just below my rib cage is swollen, I am normally in size 10-12 sports bras. Since Thursday I am now in a 16 and even that’s getting tight.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow where I’ll be doing an ACC and she can report it to CARM. And also do bloods, chest and arm check and x-rays as the first x-rays on Monday showed I had a globular heart but they did not follow up Tuesday.
I have done a HRC claim and also doing a health and disability one.

To top it off they have just updated their website on Friday the 26th; copied below;

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19
This information was last updated (effective 12:30pm) on Friday 26 November 2021.

With Alert Levels 3 and 2 in place across New Zealand we are conscious of balancing the safety, health and wellbeing needs of our patients, staff and medical specialists. We will continue to keep in touch with you if you have surgery scheduled at a Southern Cross hospital and thank you for your support with all additional safety measures outlined below.

Please note that from Monday 15 November, all visitors and carers who enter our hospitals are required to show evidence of their Covid-19 vaccination status. This includes at least one vaccine, and may be either an electronic or paper record. We will not use a patient’s unvaccinated status as a reason to deny them access to our healthcare facilities. Further details are outlined below.

I am absolutely fuming! I’ve been through all of this and forced for absolutely nothing!

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : New Zealand