Severe ‘shingles’ rash whole body

My 80 year old Mother after being nervous enough to hold off as long as she could, finally felt overwhelmed by pressure from others, and  went for her jab. She immediately  started to develop a head ache at the clinic.  By time she got home it was a thumping pain, she could hardly see, so  she went to bed in the afternoon. Not like my mum at all! 4 hours later, early that evening , she woke up feeling very ‘hot’ all over. When she checked she saw her whole torso was bright red and covered in a rash. The next day ( or soon after, sorry I am not 100 % but within the first  days . )   She went back to her Dr saying she thought she had a reaction to the jab. The Dr denied it and said she was covered in shingles.  The reason being she had had chicken pox when she was a  little child. ( She has never had shingles before now.) That was a month ago. She has had blood tests two weeks ago  as her shingles ( still mot properly diagnosed.) Or bad skin flare up was still abhorrently bad, poor thing. A second Dr( same clinic) also told her it had nothing to do with the jab (So, I am assuming this has been reported nowhere to medsafe or carm , to the affect  that it was a reaction,  even though it clearly was a reaction as they are denying it .)

Mum knows that it was a reaction, as it started straight away, and was full glory within hours.

  •   She has to date, not been given any information  or feed back about the blood tests.  She is assuming there was nothing  conclusive. Both Drs insisted she got the second jab. Which she has this week.  Much to my distress… She is still suffering from the  so called shingles caused by the first jab. I don’t think they have got any worse  to date, but my Mum is eighty, a bit body shy, and proud.. It is difficult for me to fully ascertain the full grasp of this situation. She has lost weight and aged considerably in these weeks.  I have said to Mum that I think it should be reported.  I was also incredibly  worried about her getting 2nd Jab. Her reply was that you just have to trust the Drs….I personally am not comfortable  at all with the care she is getting from the Drs.  It is all jab and no responsibility as far as I am concerned.  But I  have no idea what to do about it. My Mum after all is willing to go through with this.

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