Severe vaccine reaction after both covid vaccines

Male. 42 years old.

After my 1st vaccine I could not fall asleep for two weeks. Severe insomnia and a fast pounding heart. I only slept once my body was exhausted. I returned to normal after approximately 2 weeks.

Six weeks later I had my 2nd vaccine. I have been unwell for 4 weeks now. Within minutes of the injection my heart took off racing and pounding, and I began to feel tired. I had insomnia for a few days and terrible nausea for a week. I was too sick to work for the following week. My GP did blood tests and an ECG. Bloods came back normal and the ECG was after my heart had calmed down. I was sweating for a week, Ive had a sore stomach and loss of appetite for 4 weeks, my stomach makes sounds it never made previously,  constant headaches, loss of balance, sensitivity to light and noise, I’m having trouble concentrating, trouble driving my car and trouble riding my bike because I lose all feeling of my bike below me. All of my joints still hurt. I’m constantly tired and fatigued. I sleep well but wake up tired and irritable with a headache. My nose began running uncharacteristically, then stopped.

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : New Zealand