Anaphylactic Reaction after 1st injection

I received my first dose on 24th October 2021 at 3.30pm at a drive through vaccination on Victoria Road, Dunedin. Felt fine then woke up Monday morning with swollen eyelids, and majority of left side of face swollen and hot. During the day, the burning sensation travelled down the left side of my body (injection arm was left arm) and that night it was felt down my left thigh and bum cheek. The swelling went down about 24 hours later but eyes were left very irritated. The week following, my lymph node under my left armpit felt very achey like a bruised feeling when I moved it. My cycle was also thrown out completely and had heavy cramps which is very unlike myself. I am a fit and healthy 30 year old mum and no underlying health conditions. I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning and he issued me a medical exemption stating it would be unwise for me to receive any further covid vaccinations, as the risks to catching it do not out weigh the risk to having a more serious anaphylactic reaction.

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