My dads adverse reaction

Posting on behalf of my dad

My dad got his 2nd shot 5 days ago.

After getting the shot he was okay initially just minor pain at the site. On the second day he was feeling out of sorts with a sore throat sincce then he deteriorated quickly to fever, vomiting, unable to eat, he had extreme pain in both his back and legs to the point where he can no longer stand to walk or go to the toilet. We are now on day 5  he’s been taken to hospital he had to be wheeled in in a chair they rang to say that the back pain is a back infection which is strange as he has never had problems with his back.

My dad is 74 years old right up until he had the 2nd he was walking a km a day on the beach, teaching judo and living an active lifestyle for a retired man

Is This NZ Based or Overseas? : Nz