Severe reaction

I had my first Pfizer Covid vaccine on September 3rd…it started off with mild flu symptoms and an unusual headache that lasted for a week, and then a week after the vax I started having severe stomach pain, that felt like there was a knife in my stomach, and lost control of my bowels for a day. I also had a high fever for 2 days that ranged between 38.2 and 40 degrees.
It was so bad I was going to call an ambulance, but my GP told me not to go to hospital. She gave me an urgent script of antispasmodic medicine, which helped with the stomach pain. The stomach pain and fever lasted two days. Since a few days after the vaccine I have also been experiencing debilitating pain around my body – shoulders, neck, ribs, back, especially in my hips, legs and my knees have been very painful.
I have been so tired as well, and struggling to get out of bed.
I have had trouble walking because of the pain.
I have managed to work part time from home on the couch, but I am finding it too exhausting and painful to carry out my job full time, or many daily activities.

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