My dads adverse reaction

Posting on behalf of my dad

My dad got his 2nd shot 5 days ago.

After getting the shot he was okay initially just minor pain at the site. On the second day he was feeling out of sorts with a sore throat sincce then he deteriorated quickly to fever, vomiting, unable to eat, he had extreme pain in both his back and legs to the point where he can no longer stand to walk or go to the toilet. We are now on day 5  he’s been taken to hospital he had to be wheeled in in a chair they rang to say that the back pain is a back infection which is strange as he has never had problems with his back.

My dad is 74 years old right up until he had the 2nd he was walking a km a day on the beach, teaching judo and living an active lifestyle for a retired man

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side effects

I am a very health 44yr old female; active, healthy and very health conscious; always passed my WOF yearly bloods with my doctor who stated i am in the top 3% healthy rate for PI community. I had my 2nd vaccination 18/9/21. 2 weeks later i started to experience extreme tightening on my left side of my chest, under my left arm and down my arm. I’ve had heart palpitations and extreme tiredness. 4/11/21 now and i still get the tightening on my left side like something is about to burst & to make it worse it came on when i was driving; i made sure to call my husband as i was freaking out and in case no one had heard from me at least he would know what was happening to me. I am deeply distressed and fight the anxiety of WHAT THE HECK have they put in my body. I 100% regret this vaccine and I don’t ascribe to having even the flu jab; so why did i even give into this? I’m shaken and deeply distressed.

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Anaphylactic Reaction after 1st injection

I received my first dose on 24th October 2021 at 3.30pm at a drive through vaccination on Victoria Road, Dunedin. Felt fine then woke up Monday morning with swollen eyelids, and majority of left side of face swollen and hot. During the day, the burning sensation travelled down the left side of my body (injection arm was left arm) and that night it was felt down my left thigh and bum cheek. The swelling went down about 24 hours later but eyes were left very irritated. The week following, my lymph node under my left armpit felt very achey like a bruised feeling when I moved it. My cycle was also thrown out completely and had heavy cramps which is very unlike myself. I am a fit and healthy 30 year old mum and no underlying health conditions. I went to the doctor on Tuesday morning and he issued me a medical exemption stating it would be unwise for me to receive any further covid vaccinations, as the risks to catching it do not out weigh the risk to having a more serious anaphylactic reaction.

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Severe reaction

I had my first Pfizer Covid vaccine on September 3rd…it started off with mild flu symptoms and an unusual headache that lasted for a week, and then a week after the vax I started having severe stomach pain, that felt like there was a knife in my stomach, and lost control of my bowels for a day. I also had a high fever for 2 days that ranged between 38.2 and 40 degrees.
It was so bad I was going to call an ambulance, but my GP told me not to go to hospital. She gave me an urgent script of antispasmodic medicine, which helped with the stomach pain. The stomach pain and fever lasted two days. Since a few days after the vaccine I have also been experiencing debilitating pain around my body – shoulders, neck, ribs, back, especially in my hips, legs and my knees have been very painful.
I have been so tired as well, and struggling to get out of bed.
I have had trouble walking because of the pain.
I have managed to work part time from home on the couch, but I am finding it too exhausting and painful to carry out my job full time, or many daily activities.

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Just before this latest lockdown I had lunch and spent the afternoon with 2 double jabbed friends. The next day I started to feel like I was coming down with the flu even though no one around me was ill and I’d felt absolutely fine until then. I started to ache and my joints hurt. By the morning of the following day  I literally could not get out of bed my fatigue and aching was so bad. I ended up staying in bed for 4 days, then it took me another 2 weeks before I felt like I was truly recovered. I am certain that this was a result of shedding as my husband who was looking after me didn’t get sick at all.

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Not able to breath

My Husband has his first vaccine of pfizer on the 22/10/2021, he seemed fine, until 5.30am the next day when he woke not able to breathe. After a minute he came too, he said it felt like he was suffocating and he had lost all colour from his face, looking deathly white. He is a fit and healthy 42 year old male with no health conditions.

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Effected by vaccine transmission

I had been noticing slight reactions to freshly covid-19 vaccinated people for a few months – people who I would interact with for a short amount of time for work purposes.  When my live-in son got his first injection, my reaction was huge.  Within 24 hours I started bleeding heavily and I am post-menopausal by over 7 years.  After 7 days and one internal scan later, I started using homeopathic remedy along with a pine needle tincture and bleeding ceased within 24 hours.

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14 year old boy died three days after Pfizer injection

“I am ok with you sharing this story in the hopes that it will stop all of these unnecessary deaths occurring.
I’d only ask that you change his name in anything made public. I am worried of the scrutiny that we may get from the public.
Our son James, aged 14 years, passed away on the 26th of August 2021.
We were all very worried about the Covid outbreak in Auckland and the lockdown so when we heard that we were all able to get our vaccines we rushed out to get them with James on the 23rd of August.
My husband and i both had sore arms and I had a bit of a headache that night, but James seemed fine.
On the 26th he was playing in our backyard with his younger brother when he just all of a sudden collapsed. This was at about 3:30. His brother came rushing inside and told us to call an ambulance, when the ambulance got there they said that he was already dead. They took him to hospital anyway.
The doctors at the hospital said that it was most likely that he died of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
My husband and I have had several meetings with our GP since this and have discussed this with them, they still don’t believe us that it was from the vaccine but did agree to submit this to CARM anyway.
(the GP submitted the CARM report only after another visit from the family asking if it had been done, and then requesting that it be done)
I still just don’t know how I will ever forgive myself for letting my baby get that shot.
My husband and I have both decided that we won’t be getting the 2nd one as we need to be able to be here for our other son.”

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Heart Palpitations

I was injected 7.9.2021, that night I was nauseous and heart pounding, slept and slept and never thought much of it.  Woke next day ok.  About day 4/5 felt odd, just on edge, uneasy. The next day I had a very massive heart palpation, that took my breath away. That night  I struggled  with shortness of breath, and suffered from pins and needles in face.  Slept ok but woke next morning with a pounding heart, went to the bathroom, felt really weak.  Went back to bed,  restless heart still pounding and decided to get up again go feed the horses. Struggled severely and had to rest. Went back inside told partner something isn’t right, phoned GPs health Centre saw another GP as mine on leave was given and ECG and meds (told clear) and Propranolol Medication to help with the pounding heart- Also referred to mental health and informed I was just anxious, and suffered a panic attack.  Questioned this as had been over 24 hours, was told panic attacks can last a long time.

Couple days later still not right – went back to my GP – again told anxiety and given more meds – Quetiapine. Still not settling 2 days later, GP then told me to go to A and E – was given a chest x-ray, ECG and further bloods.  Asked if had taken anything different lately, spoke of the vaccine and was asked no don’t mean that, I mean like  meth. Ummmm no!!! I was asked did I think it was the vaccine – I said I didn’t know that’s why I am here, I was informed Id be the 1st to think so and no one here has had reactions like this –  I was discharged told nothing more they could do for me and sorry this is affecting my life, please call GP for any further concern’s.  I phoned the GP again a few days later as I was just getting worse,  was issued Prednisone for breathing (it was becoming really hard somedays) which made no difference over the 5 days. Now nausea kicked in, pins in needles hands, face and feet, numbness face and feet, exhaustion, shivers and felt very cold, sometimes body would just shake uncontrollably. The heart pounding was so intense sometimes I got very worried/scared. GP ordered D Dimer which came back as clear he informed and nothing else could be done for me except read up on hyperventilation, and ring ambulance should I get worse. I struggle to walk my 100M driveway most days, heart just pounds and I get faint.  I used to be able to walk/run/go out with friends, ride my horses, now daily chores are a struggle and end up in bed most days to rest. I’m now 6 weeks post jab and out of nowhere 2 nights ago couldn’t breath – face went numb, body tremors, felt cold and severe heart palpitations again.  I am a health worker and am about to lose my job 1.12.2021 should the mandate go through, I’m not only scared of what will happen to me if |I get the 2nd jab, but what will happen to me if I don’t.  Atm I’m choosing my health.

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