adverse covid reaction

My mother about a week after receiving first covid jabb developed swelling and pain in her legs which was diagnosed as blood clots. They are now checking her heart and have put her on blood thinners. Unfortunately she has had her second jab now and we are waiting to see if she has any further complications.

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Man constantly sick after second shot

A local man I know who does a lot of work for us has been permanently unwell with lethargy and cold symptoms since his second shot.  He is a big fit strong man and probably in his forties so it is very unusual and debilitating for him.  He said if he sits down to rest it is worse, far worse symptom wise.  He has a permanent cough and cold now, (covid like symptoms!) and has bad and good days he said.

He was so unwell the other day he couldn’t even leave his house to attend to work.

The shocking thing is that when he informed his GP of his symptoms the GP told him, don’t worry it is normal what you are experiencing.  Hmmm.  Normal that for two months he has a permanent cold and lethargy since the second shot, to the point he sometimes can’t even work.  How are our NZ doctors prescribing such utter tripe?

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My Mother passed away a few days after her second Pfizer injection

My Mother, 89, passed away few days (5 )after her second Pfizer injection:

My mother was living in Holland and we are residents in New Zealand.
She was 89 and the whole year not afraid for covid . In the home where she lived a few people ( one of 92) had ‘it’ and they recovered from it as from a flu.
A few weeks after her first injection my mother suddenly fell in her room and she was brought to hospital by ambulance. She had a brain-haemorrhage, high blood-pressure. She came on Friday March 19th , was on the monitor , and could go home on Sunday 21th . It took hours to leave hospital because they needed to test her on covid ( negative).
On Monday she was incredibly clear in her conversation on the phone. I begged her not to go for the 2nd injection , which made her angry, because she did it for the other people in the house.
My daughter told me later on that she was nauseous  straight away after she had got the jab on Thursday the 25th
She didn’t feel well on Monday evening, and Monday night she pressed a button because she felt very bad .  On Tuesday  morning 30th  a deputy gp came to her at 9 am. My mother was short in breath and had chest-pain. The doctor said she had a cough. My mother answered it was a morning cough which is normal for her. The deputy gp left my mother alone, and she got no nurse or assistance ( were they afraid for ‘covid’?) of the house. At about 10.30  someone of the resthome called the gp that she had to come again. The same doctor came at 12 o’clock (so  1 ½ hour later !) totally in plastic to take a test, but my mother was not alive anymore. The test on her dead body appeared to be negative later on. ( otherwise she would have been registered as another covid death ).
Her gp has registered her at Lareb ( the Dutch institute as Carm) as died after 2nd Pfizer ‘vaccination’. Later on I saw examples/video’s of exactly the same deaths and I feel very bad there was no autopsy.


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Heavy Period

My friend came from Australia to visit for 3 weeks. She is a nurse in Mebourne and had had 1 vac before she made the trip. She was very late for a period, 17 days.  When the period started it stopped and started until it really got going. She had the period most of the time she was here, 3 weeks. She wears a menstrual cup so could measure the blood flow, nearly 2 litres of blood she lost. Went to a Dr here but they couldn’t find anything wrong.  When she got back to Australia, her Dr suggested she delay the second jab. She has since had the jab and had another heavy period.

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Died one month after CV Vx

My partner….
65 yr old fit man hard-worker
Unwell days following CV V 16/5/21
Suffered stroke 2.5 weeks post covid vaccine
Massive brain bleed 11 days later
Deceased Middlemore Hosp ICU 16/6/21

A conservationist, bushman, gym junky, an entrepreneur and a man full of life and energy with a beautiful personna. He wasn’t looking forward to the vaccine but he did it for his mokos who he loved dearly. He rang me a week later to tell me he didn’t feel good but shrugged it off and voiced maybe he’s working too hard. He then rang me on the 3rd June at 1045pm complaining of bad headaches and sore eyes I told him I was in my way to Auckland and he needed to ring an ambulance but replied “no I’m not that bad” so I told him not to go to work Friday of which  he agreed. On the 7th June I heard he was in Auckland Hospital so I went to him and never left his side.

He was a fighter and had everything to live for, beautiful children and mokos whom he doted on and always spoke about. He was also diagnosed on the 9/6/21 with Lymphoma in the Naso-pharyngeal area following a biopsy report I was present that night when he was informed by ENT specialist. He suffered with what was diagnosed as sinusitis January 2021 his Dr telling him there was nothing they could do except feed him anti inflammatories, Antibiotics and Paracetamol. By March I demanded he go back to his Dr and ask for ENT specialised input; I insisted on going with him. He was informed any appointment could take a couple of months he was fine with that. On the 14th May after much consideration he told me that he was booked to have his Covid19 vaccine I told him I was happy for him because it was his choice. I also queried his sinusitis and asked whether he was medically cleared to have it done he said yes.   Over the days and weeks that followed we would talk over the phone and he admitted he wasn’t feeling well. I never dreamt that I would be sitting beside him in a hospital for nearly 2 weeks. Dr’s in Auckland could not say for sure what caused the clots but one Dr in Middlemore ICU confided and convinced it could have been an adverse affect of the vaccine but admitted he couldn’t be sure and not to quote him on that. Now I’m convinced after researching what could be fact that the vaccine may have been an exacerbated cause.

He was looking forward to coming out of hospital he and I were getting an apartment in South Auckland so he was near chemo which is what he was told would happen following stroke rehab. He asked if I would stay with him and look after him he wasn’t confident being on his own. I agreed and told him I would make plans while he underwent rehab because I wouldn’t need to be 24/7 with him in the hospital.

In early hours of the 15th June he suffered a massive brain bleed and was rushed to ICU where he was intubated and placed in an induced coma. I was told by Dr’s that the prognosis was not good and that He was dying. At 11am on the 16th June he died in my arms, his breathing stopped. Staff kept him on the ventilator and machine to allow his daughter who flew from Melbourne that night to touch his warmth for the last time. 2 hours after her arrival the machines were turned off and he was pronounced deceased within seconds.

He was a fighter a hard worker a tough guy…..


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Swelling of hands, heart palpations, and shedding reaction.

My husband had the two jabs and experienced bad swelling & numbness in his hands after the second one, numerous episodes of heart palpitations.  This continued off and on for a number of weeks.  As for myself, within 24 hours after he got the first injection I became very ill for three weeks, vomiting, diarrhea  & could not breath, like an asthma attack, and I could not eat for several weeks.  I feel strong again now thankfully, and hubby is doing well also, with the hands, and heart settling down.

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My 84yr old grandmother lives independently in her own home. After her first shot she felt unwell for a few days, yesterday she received her second shot. Later that evening she drove home and blacked out right by her vehicle. She has no memory of what happened. Thankfully the garage door was still up and when she eventually woke up (1-1.5hrs later) she was able to flag down someone passing by for assistance. She was taken by ambulance to hospital, X-Ray & CT scan completed. Doctor said she is having heart fibrillation, top heart chamber was beating quite fast. No records of her having that before. She has since been discharged back home. Same day as her shot, consequence maybe but what are the chances. Poor thing has a broken nose, laceration across her nose and two black eyes developing. 

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Severe shedding reaction

In excellent health and fitness, I trained in a small sweaty gym with someone who’d had the shot hours earlier. Over the next few days I was potentially exposed to many more in an airport & on plane. Days later I collapsed suddenly and almost fainted. My heart rate dropped, I was cold, dizzy and weak, BP initially went up then down, I was nauseous and couldn’t stand or walk without assistance. I had huge rushes of energy throughout my body and chest tightness. A couple of hours later I began to lose speech, couldn’t finish sentences or find my words. I couldn’t maintain focus on what was being said to me either.

I ended up having two of these severe reactions that took me to Emergency, had blood tests, chest Xray and ECGs but nothing was indicated apart from bradycardia (low heart rate). I then had another two episodes that were less severe but put me back in bed for two days each time. Episodes were spaces roughly a week apart.

Over the course of that month I experienced dizziness, vertigo, poor peripheral circulation (hands and feet like ice-blocks), forgetfulness, trouble with my speech and bouts of amnesia (would suddenly forget how to do something or which toothbrush was mine). I also had mild chest pain and tightness during the ‘episodes’ when my heart rate would drop. I felt very tired and weak. Not one of the 12-15 hospital staff, paramedics or doctors I saw asked if I’d had the jab which I thought was interesting. The other thing that happened during that month was menstrual disruption, I bled twice two weeks apart and heavier than usual. I have no underlying conditions that make sense of this experience and it was really scary for myself and my family but I’m pleased to report that with lots of rest and gentle detoxification I’ve healed and finally feel healthy again.

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Concern about 96 year old’s adverse reaction after first jab

My 96 year old friend was jabbed around 24 July and is due to have her second jab on 14 August. Two days after her jab she confided that she felt unwell and thought she was going to die. I visited her again today (10 August)  and was shocked by her appearance. Her face was puffy, her speech very slurred, her legs swollen and feet so puffy they were almost spherical. She had a dreadful wet cough that almost choked her and her hands were badly discoloured – one was black and the other dark red. I cautioned her against the second jab but she seemed determined to go ahead with it. She is seeing her doctor tomorrow and I’m hoping he will veto the idea. She seemed to think she was ok, but this was clearly not the case.

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Pain, eyes swelling, 100 yr old woman

My mother, a 100 year old resthome resident, usually exceptionally well and active for her age, had her 2nd covid vax on 11/06/21.

On 17 7 21, mum complained to the resthome nurse that her eyes were sore. She was seen by the resthome GP on 19 07 21 and prescribed antibiotics and eye drops, neither of which helped, and her symptoms worsened until the resthome manager took her to Whangarei Hospital ED on 21 07 21. By then both eyes were almost completely swollen shut, the skin around her eyes was saddened and inflamed, there was sweling on her left jaw and on her neck under her skin. She was very distressed and in alot of pain. She was taken off the antibiotics, and given eye drops and antihistamines by the hospital doctor. On Friday 23 07 21, she was taken back to ED as the swelling had again worsened, and this time was given prednisone, which has helped to reduce most of the symptoms. Over the last 2 days, her right ear has become inflamed and irritated.

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