14 year old boy died three days after Pfizer injection

“I am ok with you sharing this story in the hopes that it will stop all of these unnecessary deaths occurring.
I’d only ask that you change his name in anything made public. I am worried of the scrutiny that we may get from the public.
Our son James, aged 14 years, passed away on the 26th of August 2021.
We were all very worried about the Covid outbreak in Auckland and the lockdown so when we heard that we were all able to get our vaccines we rushed out to get them with James on the 23rd of August.
My husband and i both had sore arms and I had a bit of a headache that night, but James seemed fine.
On the 26th he was playing in our backyard with his younger brother when he just all of a sudden collapsed. This was at about 3:30. His brother came rushing inside and told us to call an ambulance, when the ambulance got there they said that he was already dead. They took him to hospital anyway.
The doctors at the hospital said that it was most likely that he died of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
My husband and I have had several meetings with our GP since this and have discussed this with them, they still don’t believe us that it was from the vaccine but did agree to submit this to CARM anyway.
(the GP submitted the CARM report only after another visit from the family asking if it had been done, and then requesting that it be done)
I still just don’t know how I will ever forgive myself for letting my baby get that shot.
My husband and I have both decided that we won’t be getting the 2nd one as we need to be able to be here for our other son.”

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Heart Palpitations

I was injected 7.9.2021, that night I was nauseous and heart pounding, slept and slept and never thought much of it.  Woke next day ok.  About day 4/5 felt odd, just on edge, uneasy. The next day I had a very massive heart palpation, that took my breath away. That night  I struggled  with shortness of breath, and suffered from pins and needles in face.  Slept ok but woke next morning with a pounding heart, went to the bathroom, felt really weak.  Went back to bed,  restless heart still pounding and decided to get up again go feed the horses. Struggled severely and had to rest. Went back inside told partner something isn’t right, phoned GPs health Centre saw another GP as mine on leave was given and ECG and meds (told clear) and Propranolol Medication to help with the pounding heart- Also referred to mental health and informed I was just anxious, and suffered a panic attack.  Questioned this as had been over 24 hours, was told panic attacks can last a long time.

Couple days later still not right – went back to my GP – again told anxiety and given more meds – Quetiapine. Still not settling 2 days later, GP then told me to go to A and E – was given a chest x-ray, ECG and further bloods.  Asked if had taken anything different lately, spoke of the vaccine and was asked no don’t mean that, I mean like  meth. Ummmm no!!! I was asked did I think it was the vaccine – I said I didn’t know that’s why I am here, I was informed Id be the 1st to think so and no one here has had reactions like this –  I was discharged told nothing more they could do for me and sorry this is affecting my life, please call GP for any further concern’s.  I phoned the GP again a few days later as I was just getting worse,  was issued Prednisone for breathing (it was becoming really hard somedays) which made no difference over the 5 days. Now nausea kicked in, pins in needles hands, face and feet, numbness face and feet, exhaustion, shivers and felt very cold, sometimes body would just shake uncontrollably. The heart pounding was so intense sometimes I got very worried/scared. GP ordered D Dimer which came back as clear he informed and nothing else could be done for me except read up on hyperventilation, and ring ambulance should I get worse. I struggle to walk my 100M driveway most days, heart just pounds and I get faint.  I used to be able to walk/run/go out with friends, ride my horses, now daily chores are a struggle and end up in bed most days to rest. I’m now 6 weeks post jab and out of nowhere 2 nights ago couldn’t breath – face went numb, body tremors, felt cold and severe heart palpitations again.  I am a health worker and am about to lose my job 1.12.2021 should the mandate go through, I’m not only scared of what will happen to me if |I get the 2nd jab, but what will happen to me if I don’t.  Atm I’m choosing my health.

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Covid Adverse Effect

Had my first shot last Tuesday. Almost passed out from the shot. Went home. The next day I awoke to a numb leg, arm, and huge chest pain. Also extremely tired. I called healthline who advised me to visit my GP. I couldn’t see him as he was too busy so visited a local GP. They admitted me to Middlemore Hospital. I had a covid test which made my noise bleed. I then sat in the waiting room with a blood nose and chest pain crying scared for my life for 2 hours. Once I was eventually called into the hospital there was no room. I had my ecg test sitting up in the area the nurses do there paper work. It came back fine I had a blood test and was told I could await the results in the car in the car park.. I had chest pain, a numb leg and arm and was scared.. I returned to the car. the blood test came back clear I was told to go home and rest. The next day I awoke and couldn’t put pressure on my left leg the numb one. Shooting pain in my upper leg was unbearable. I returned to the GP who told me to take ibuprofen and rest. I have rested for 6 days now. Not moving in bed. Scared, with chest pain, a numb leg and arm. My mental health is deteriorating, I’m scared my two young boys won’t have a dad. I called my GP today to see if he could help. He bought up my records and all he could see was that I had had a sore arm from the covid jab. That was it. I couldn’t believe it. I explained what happened to him. He just suggested another blood test. I asked to be tested for a blood clot. He just kept saying the vaccine was safe and that the blood test was the only thing we could do. I was a fit healthy 33 year old male 6 days ago going about my life raising my sons and loving my partner. Now I am reduced to my bed scared, crying, not knowing what the future holds. I had the vaccine to be safe to protect my family.. NO ONE IN THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY SEEMS TO CARE. I have being told so many similar stories. So So many.

Day 7 still in bed symptoms have not gotten any better.

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Pins&needles, numbness & pain

Received covid vaccine dose #1 into left arm, 1 hour later had pins and needles down left arm. By that evening (3-4 hours later) had constant altered sensation in left arm.

Next day , same symptoms in right arm, could not type or write as my arms felt numb amd painful when I bent my arms.

Had to take 2 days off, symptoms slowly resolved over 2-3 weeks

Got the second dose (I’m a medical student and we were ‘encouraged’ to get vaccinated) same symptoms + fever + fatigue.

Symptoms slowly resolved over 2-3 weeks.

Made a report to CARM and saw 2 GP’s.

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Adverse reaction

I got my 1st vaccination, being reluctant and feeling it was a forced due to being a student studying a Diploma in IT.

I had it on 14 September 2021 at 1.30pm at E Tu Pasifika Vaccination Centre.  During the injection entry I felt instant pain, and on exit of needle I bled.

My arm was very sore, I was told bleeding was normal and the pain is too and it would subside.

After first week my shoulder, arm and neck were all stiff and sore and limiting my ability to move and do things.  I spend the weekend in bed with severe headaches and my blood pressure was very high when I went to the Dr the following Tuesday 21st September, and I went back to see the nurse on Friday to track the blood pressure.  I was given an increased dosage of Candestarten from 8mg to 32mg.  I was also given Felodipine, I went back to Dr again the following week and Blood pressure was still high.  I can get all the recordings from the Dr notes this week when I go back.

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covid vaccine adverse reaction

Please forgive the bad english, possibly bad spelling and punctuation as my brain is still not right atm.

I was one completely against this vaccine but I also have bronchiectasis and my girls have asthma so I was hassled quite a bit so decided to just give up and take it.

1st jab was fine, just classic sore arm.

2nd Jab 3.30pm 7th October
‘Immediate’ reaction (literally as nurse was pulling needle out) of metallic taste in throat (a billion times worse than a saline flush in a lure in hospital). This led to burst of heat in my throat like I had swallowed concentrated acid. This in turned swelled my throat and made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. My head felt dizzy, spaced out and I don’t really recall what happened in a min or 2 because of it. (Nurse told me to get on floor but I don’t remember how I got there, nurse said she screamed and apologised to other nurses because of it but I don’t remember that or a few more things).
When I came round a bit more they sat me up and gave me water to drink as my throat felt like it had been burnt out. I couldn’t talk properly because of it. My head felt weird like I was away with the fairies. They gave me antihistamines and watched me for quite a while and did obs regularly.
When all this was happening, one thing I did say was don’t jab my kids (who were in the waiting room waiting for theirs). When I was put out to be watched and in no state to argue they still asked my kids to come in to be jabbed. My kids were frightened as they had been told what happened, but nurse then told them that I just had been weird and I was ok and it won’t happen to them. I guess adults really have no say?!

When they let me go home I wasn’t right still. My husband brought me gaviscon, strepsils and iceblocks (which I found I couldn’t eat anyway) because my throat was so swollen from that acid feeling.
That evening my head and neck swelled causing a lot of pressure. I rang healthline. They contacted the oncall doctor who said for me just to take another antihistamine and I will be fine. Then I started acting drunk.
About 7pm I got so exhausted I couldn’t stay awake. I slept the next 40 hours. When my husband would wake me I was still acting drunk.
When I did get up eventually I just fell asleep again after a short while. This kept happening. I just couldn’t stay awake.
My throat wouldn’t stop swelling. My brain would always feel like I was away with the fairies, I’d have headaches, I was slower than normal etc.

I went to the drs on Monday and explained everything and got told to ‘rest’ I said seriously?!
He did an ecg and bloods to make sure it hadn’t affected my heart which came back negative.
On wednesday my left side of my bodies lymph glands all swelled up, (along with pain in the left of my chest) I was prewarned this was a normal response to side that was jabbed. But today, Saturday (one week and 2 days after the jab) my right side is now also swollen.
Out of 24 hours a day I am probably spending at least 20 of them lying down now either sleeping or trying to stop myself feeling sick.
I either haven’t been able to eat due to sleeping, haven’t felt like eating or have felt like eating but start then feel sick. I’ve had lots of nausea (my bucket stays near me).

I feel like if I go back to the drs they are programmed to say just get rest because they aren’t allowed to say anything negative about the jab at all.

Still wondering how long this is all going to last….

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stroke day after vaccine

My dad had a mini stroke the day after his vaccine. He is a very healthy man and physically he was not at high risk

Issue was reported to CARM but upon inquiry they informed us that there was no way to prove the stroke was from the vaccine as strokes happen every 45min in NZ.

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Symptoms of pericarditis

Several days after the elderly couple I share a household with got the first vaccine I came down with what was consistent with symptoms of pericarditis. Am aged in my 40’s. Put me out of action for a couple of days (relief was lying down) although the symptoms persisted for about 4-5 days total. Did not suffer similar after they got the second vax.

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Post vaccine syndrome

Male, 27, Australian of chinese ethnicity.

Tinnitus, brain fog, fatigue. Neck tightness ,sinus, ears and  frontal lobe pressure. Occasional temple pressure. Blurrier vision with more than usual floaters in the eye. Tough time hearing details and quiet conversations, muffled hearing. Intolerance to brightness like sunlight. Eyes feel a bit swollen.
Harder to do basic tasks like cooking and cleaning, hands are numb  and feels less sensitivity and pain, decreased mobility and fluidity in limbs and hands, weakness in limbs. Walking feels off balance with a strange gait. Muscle and face twitches when lying in bed and heart feels thumpier and pumping harder than usual, hard to relax, not created by anxiety.Leg and arm Joint and muscle feels on fire, on and off, tingling in extremities, on and off pain in lower left and right abdomen and diarrhea. Discomfort and soreness near tailbone area, lower spine.Mental confusion, harder to think straight and construct sentences fluently like before, lower concentration and memory. Easily confused.If there are any more symptoms I can think of I will update this, having a hard time remembering all the things that happened, please excuse me.

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The following is a letter from the boss at my partner’s workplace. It pre-dates the government’s announcement about NZ vaccine passports. It’s so unsettling to see the boss of a workplace becoming a de facto enforcer:


Re Vaccinations

As a Company policy I strongly recommend every member of our team and our extended work community to Vaccinate.

As we are all aware the Question “To Vaccinate” or “Not to Vaccinate” is a choice that is a personal and individual one. Of that there is no debate.

The outcome of an individual’s choice does however determine the safety, the health and livelihood of others.

As we are a Company where we have employees interacting with the public, in the home, in the commercial environment and in the showroom I would like to advocate we are a 100% Covid vaccinated workplace.

We need the combined efforts of each and every team member to achieve that goal.

This will bring a sense of comfort to all our fellow employees and a real sense of safety and compliance to our customers.

We are considering allowing access to our business only to those who are vaccinated.

I also believe that an employee deserves the right to know the Vaccination status of their workmates and also those who they are coming in contact with.

Because this information is at this stage confidential our teams individual vaccination status has not been shared Companywide.

I can however disclose to you that in excess of 95% of our employees and close quarter sub-contractors team have received either both jabs or have had one and are awaiting the other.

When we last communicated you were undecided due to some possible health concerns.

As we are scheduled to reopen the showroom to the public next week I ask, have you reached a decision?



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