Hospital for 2nd injection

a friend’s wife had a reaction to the first jab, then for the 2nd jab she had to have it given at Wairau hospital here in Blenheim, when they got there they were surprised to see lots of others there getting the same thing in case of reaction, he told my friend it was because so many had had reactions the first time round!


(Ed: please if you reacted to the first injection, don’t go for another round – it’s only going to get worse)

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Tairua: Chiropractor:  The rumours of my death are greatly exaggerated. As some of you are aware, I took a rather lovely sightseeing trip in the Westpac Air Ambulance on Saturday morning to Waikato hospital. Yes, local tongues are wagging, so I would like to take this opportunity to clarify facts and dispel rumours with a rather abbreviated summary of events: Wednesday last week: Second covid jab. 3 crappy nights of fever Saturday morning chest pain, followed by ambulance (I don’t mess around with chest pain) Ambulance ECG showed heart attack Changed underpants Called helicopter. Went to Waikato. NOT HEART ATTACK!!! I got something called myocarditis and pericarditis, which is inflammation of the heart muscle and surrounding sac. I was kept overnight in a ward of infirm old men that smelled of wee and cabbage, and released yesterday. I had a serious load of tests, and will be absolutely fine in a couple of weeks. I’m just not allowed to do the dishes for a week. I was the second case the hospital had seen in 2 days with this reaction to the Covid jab. It’s a very rare event, and has been recognised in the USA, but I’m the second one to be seen at Waikato with it.

It usually occurs in young fit adults and adolescents, so that boosted my ego a bit. It’s an exceedingly rare event even in young people., so please don’t let this experience put you off getting this very important vaccination for the safety of our community. I will be back at the clinic as normal on Tuesday June 1. I would like to give a huge thanks to the wonderful people at St. John Ambulance, Westpac Air Rescue, and Waikato Hospital for their incredible professionalism and (as evidenced in this photo) their ability to laugh at my jokes.

(as an aside, if you still think that pericarditis and myocarditis are acceptable side effects of a vaccine that has a less than 1% efficacy, then there is probably not much we can do for you here. Ed)

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Transmission or coincidence?

I work as a caregiver looking after those affected with dementia in a care home. On Monday the residents were given their second dose of the covid injection as well as the staff. I did not get the injection. My days off were Tuesday and Wednesday, returning to work Thursday. On Friday late afternoon my partner took me to A&E as I was having difficulty breathing. I became clammy and my hands were numb. I became dizzy and started to shake. My body felt like lead. I thought I was having a heart attack.  I am fit and healthy for my age  (mid 50s) and do not take any medications, and do not smoke. Very rarely do I visit the doctor. I am not anti vax but I did not want the covid jab as there was not enough information to prove to me it is safe and effective.

The hospital checked my blood and said my heart was good (not a heart attack), liver and kidney functions were good and could not explain why I had this reaction. The only “abnormal” thing they could find was low oxygen levels in my blood. I was discharged later that night.

I don’t know if this was a coincidence or this was going to happen regardless of the covid injection. Just wanted to let people know in case  they have experienced something similar


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Death days following injection

The woman received her 2nd Pfizer jab on Saturday 15th May and died of a blood clot in the lung overnight 16/17 May. There are two factors that have led the doctors to claim it was unrelated to the vaccine: she was somewhat overweight, and she broke her ankle approx a week beforehand so has been fairly sedentary. The police were called to the hospital and the coroner will be investigating.

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Hospital staff hospitalised following vaccination

Last night at work, in the Hospital, I received x10 sick calls from nursing staff who received Covid vax on Friday. Also a medical Reg was off sick all weekend, an Orderly, a Social worker, a Health Care assistant & Resource nurse all had side effects & couldn’t continue to work. Last weekend x2 staff were hospitalized from Vax. 

Our Emergency Response Manager & others say, having chills, fevers & body aches is great, shows the vax is working!!

My colleague was ill for x3 days & another nurse ill for a week. 

Covid Vax is impacting on patient & staff safety, as so many staff knocked over by vax & not enough staff to cover sick calls.

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