94.5 year old aunty adverse reaction -Shingles after 2nd vax

94.5 year old Aunty 4 weeks after 2nd Pfizer vax had severe case of shingles come out. I went 2 weeks later with her to her GP and he said in her L1 S4 nerve root and in her groin .

I said I noted on medsafe website that it is adverse reaction so asked him to report it to CARM. Aside to this she is feeling nauseous, lethargic and not eating. She said she just cant pin point it!

She is normally a very spritely, active, lively , capable woman who still lives in her own home alone

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Heart palpitations ,chest pain

Im a Healthy female in my late 20s with no serious underlying health issues , some seasonal hayfever and asthma that’s it. After becoming aware I may not get to travel without being vaccinated and a lot of 50/50 thoughts I went and had it.

I had the 1st dose of pfizer a fortnight ago, Within the first week I was unable to exercise properly, as I would become light headed and need to stop. I had on and off heart palpitations over the week with some chest discomfort and a strange feeling left arm, like tingling and numbness at times, note this was not my jab arm that was the right side. I felt paranoid about my cardiovascular system.  Currently into the 2nd week the palpitations have subsided and I am feeling better however I am still going for a GP visit this week to get a health check and voice my concerns about this reaction as it had made me uncomfortable and I now don’t feel comfortable with a 2nd dose.


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Pfizer adverse reaction?

I got my first vaccine shot 17th september 2021.  (I have not had my 2nd).  After the shot, sitting in the waiting room, my hands were hurting otherwise i felt fine, got up and left after 10 or 15 minutes and got immediate sharp chest pain.  I went home and felt “drunk” or high that whole night (not on any other meds and i dont drink alcohol).

The next day, light sensitivity, head pressure and a very stiff neck to the point i couldnt turn my head (i had reported this to CARM) which i knew was related to the vaccine as I slept fine.

The third day I felt completely normal apart from my arm was itchy and raised where the injection was.

Since the shot 17 September 2pm till now 1 October 2021 I have had unexplained chest pains, brain fog, fatigue, even now I cant focus, brain feels pressure and my arm swelling only just went away.  I get crazy phantom menstrual cramps and bloating where as before … my periods always were on time and never painful.. now the pain comes and goes daily but no bleeding of course but it has really messed with my body.

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Vaccine Adverse Effects

I received my 1st vaccine 14 September.  That 1st day or 2 I had no symptoms. But after a week I started getting dizzy and having heart palpitations.

The heart palpitations was so bad that some nights I could not sleep.

It is getting better since 29 Sep and hopefully it will go away.

I am very concerned for my 2nd injection if this is the reaction to the 1st injection. My 2nd injections is scheduled for 26 October.

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previously health 79 yo fell after covid injection, now in ICU for heart issues

My nana who is 79 years of age, She still gardens, looks after her great granddaughter, drives etc got a covid vaccine Saturday the 18th of September. Two days prior she attended her doctors due to some slight hesitancy in getting the vaccine and for some reassurance mainly due to me voicing my concerns. Her doctor said she’s “the healthiest she’s seen her in a long time and nothing to worry about” 8 days later she fell in her bathroom for no reason. An hour later she fell again. My mother called an ambulance who admitted her to hosp.  She has 4 cracked ribs, blood in her lung which is currently being drained, her heart is being monitored and there’s a possible shadow on her lung. She is in the ICU ward for cardiac issues. She is awake, talking but very forgetful. Bloods, CT scan and X-rays were done on admission yet here we are two days later still waiting for any results. Will keep you updated.
Thank you for all you are doing


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Raised BP and palpitations

I am an otherwise fit 55 year old female with pre-existing hypertension managed by 8mg candesartan daily. Typical BP 130 over 90.

Noticed slight chest fluttering following first vax, thought nothing of it. On the evening of my 2nd vaccination, 3 weeks later, I began having strange palpitations that kept me awake for hours. The following day developed headache and the palpitations continued intermittently, esp at night. My husband, who is a nurse, took my BP Monday evening, 180 over 120. Contacted GP and made booking for phone consult next day. GP arranged for ecg Tuesday afternoon, all clear, and likewise bloods and urine sample OK. However, now on 8mg candesartan 2x  daily, BP stable at 150 over 100. Palpitations continue and headache. Now 1 week post 2nd vax. Planning to take things easy and wait for BP to lower.

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Heart attack

82-yr old friend in hospital 22 September,  for symptoms of heart attack. Doctors cannot find any cause for concern with his heart after tests. I asked him if he had had a jab. He was surprised at my question. Yes, he’d had the first one. Nobody told him about any possible reactions. Fortunately he’s recovering. What do I tell him if he thinks of getting a second jab?

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Allergic reaction

51 year old female, between 18-30hrs post first Pfizer jab, 5 Sept. Severe hives over her whole body- Dr told her it was a very rare side effect and gave her antihistamines. Hives were painfully itchy and she was also very lethargic and had significant brain fog. Hives cleared after 4 days. She was advised that she should get the second shot in hospital cos the reaction will be “at least twice as bad”. She plans on getting it. Her lethargy and brain fog continues three weeks later. I am closely related to this person and have firsthand knowledge.

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Help for immune response

I’m submitting for my mother who had first shot around 3weeks ago. Approximately 3days after started developing these symptoms.

very bad urinary infection

can’t sleep

nerves constantly on edge

burning mouth

shingles on stomach ( had bad shingles previously then was vaccinated for it)

sharp pains on sides

I would like advice of any practitioners in the Nelson area please. I feel she is suffering an immune response or attack and would like to know how to treat her. Her dr said it’s not because of the shot.

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