Muscle Ache / Weakness in arms and legs after 2nd vaccine

I am early 40’s female and previously very fit and healthy. Would cycle long distance, play tennis for hours, hike, paddleboard, windsurf etc.. Since the 2nd vaccine my muscles have been aching terribly, for about 7 weeks now and getting worse, and I am incredibly weak. A short walk or climb of stairs is hard work, I can’t life a saucepan one handed. Mainly in arms and legs, but down to fingers and toes as well. Constant aches, throb, or numbness and sometimes shooting pain. Doctor has sent me for blood tests. I’m worried as I don’t want to have a booster in 6 months, but I am a teacher and can’t afford to lose my job.

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Adverse Effect

I know this is a long read but I am in need of help.

I have surgery coming up in December for a nerve wrap in my arm (second one) being pretty extensive if I don’t have it, give it a few months my arm wouldn’t be usable. Of course if I wasn’t fully jabbed by then they wouldn’t do my surgery. Absolutely no other options I could’ve taken or any other surgeons could have done it without me being fully jabbed. I had my first jab on the 29th of October ; manageable left sided chest pain that lasted a day, fatigue and rash on the right side of my body ( I have coeliac disease, but I hadn’t touched any gluten for it to cause rash).

I got the second on the 20th of November ; horrendous chest pain that night, along with itch all over my entire body and come Monday night I couldn’t breath and had intense left sided chest pain, ended up in the ambo and the hospital told me it was my asthma or could be anxiety… it felt as though my throat was the size of a straw and someone was ripping my chest open. I went home early hours of Tuesday morning with some pain meds after putting me on nebulisers that didn’t work and giving me high dose painkillers that weren’t helping.

Tuesday night I was in the hospital again, pain absolutely insane along with breathing as it hurt. There were at least 5 other people we saw in the ED dealing with the same thing. The doc realised we knew about side affects and finally gave up hiding it, he said I have an inflammation of my chest wall which is now spreading all over both sides. He said it IS an adverse side affect and it IS from the jab.. may be days, may be weeks. My left arm now feels dead/heavy and my hand cramps quite often to the point I can’t move it, the pain is spreading and nothing seems to get rid of it. All because I need surgery that I couldn’t delay

My chest pain has gone right across to my right side, my left arm is very weak, crampy and very painful. My right arm is starting to do the same. The constant stabbing pain in my left side of my chest it still there. My entire chest right down to just below my rib cage is swollen, I am normally in size 10-12 sports bras. Since Thursday I am now in a 16 and even that’s getting tight.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow where I’ll be doing an ACC and she can report it to CARM. And also do bloods, chest and arm check and x-rays as the first x-rays on Monday showed I had a globular heart but they did not follow up Tuesday.
I have done a HRC claim and also doing a health and disability one.

To top it off they have just updated their website on Friday the 26th; copied below;

Novel Coronavirus Covid-19
This information was last updated (effective 12:30pm) on Friday 26 November 2021.

With Alert Levels 3 and 2 in place across New Zealand we are conscious of balancing the safety, health and wellbeing needs of our patients, staff and medical specialists. We will continue to keep in touch with you if you have surgery scheduled at a Southern Cross hospital and thank you for your support with all additional safety measures outlined below.

Please note that from Monday 15 November, all visitors and carers who enter our hospitals are required to show evidence of their Covid-19 vaccination status. This includes at least one vaccine, and may be either an electronic or paper record. We will not use a patient’s unvaccinated status as a reason to deny them access to our healthcare facilities. Further details are outlined below.

I am absolutely fuming! I’ve been through all of this and forced for absolutely nothing!

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Severe ‘shingles’ rash whole body

My 80 year old Mother after being nervous enough to hold off as long as she could, finally felt overwhelmed by pressure from others, and  went for her jab. She immediately  started to develop a head ache at the clinic.  By time she got home it was a thumping pain, she could hardly see, so  she went to bed in the afternoon. Not like my mum at all! 4 hours later, early that evening , she woke up feeling very ‘hot’ all over. When she checked she saw her whole torso was bright red and covered in a rash. The next day ( or soon after, sorry I am not 100 % but within the first  days . )   She went back to her Dr saying she thought she had a reaction to the jab. The Dr denied it and said she was covered in shingles.  The reason being she had had chicken pox when she was a  little child. ( She has never had shingles before now.) That was a month ago. She has had blood tests two weeks ago  as her shingles ( still mot properly diagnosed.) Or bad skin flare up was still abhorrently bad, poor thing. A second Dr( same clinic) also told her it had nothing to do with the jab (So, I am assuming this has been reported nowhere to medsafe or carm , to the affect  that it was a reaction,  even though it clearly was a reaction as they are denying it .)

Mum knows that it was a reaction, as it started straight away, and was full glory within hours.

  •   She has to date, not been given any information  or feed back about the blood tests.  She is assuming there was nothing  conclusive. Both Drs insisted she got the second jab. Which she has this week.  Much to my distress… She is still suffering from the  so called shingles caused by the first jab. I don’t think they have got any worse  to date, but my Mum is eighty, a bit body shy, and proud.. It is difficult for me to fully ascertain the full grasp of this situation. She has lost weight and aged considerably in these weeks.  I have said to Mum that I think it should be reported.  I was also incredibly  worried about her getting 2nd Jab. Her reply was that you just have to trust the Drs….I personally am not comfortable  at all with the care she is getting from the Drs.  It is all jab and no responsibility as far as I am concerned.  But I  have no idea what to do about it. My Mum after all is willing to go through with this.

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41 years old Female Chest Pain, Breathless, Heart Racing and Exhausted

Within 10 minutes of my first jab last week I got chest tightness and breathless.  Since then things have just got worse.  Heart races into the 110-120bpm when resting, Monday night this escalated to sitting at 120bpm for 3 hours.    I have had varying reactions from doctors from normal immune reaction to vaccine to just dehydrated.  ECGs and Troponin tests all came back clear I have had these twice.  I can no longer do everyday activities I haven’t been able to work for a week.

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Vax Adverse Effect

Four days after begrudingly having my first jab I started suffering from severe headaches that started about half an hour after waking up and continued until I fell asleep at night.  Paracetamol didn’t work.  My sinuses also ached and “clicked” and I felt exhausted all day.  I had the jab four and a half weeks ago now, the headaches have finally started to subside, my sinuses are no longer “clicking” but they do still ache, not as much as they were though, the tiredness still hits me every day and it’s now having an effect on my work and home life.

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family member reactions

My twenty two year old son received his first Pfizer dose on 14/10/21. His reaction was a sore arm from the injection site and down to the lower arm. His second dose was 4/11/21. The reaction to this was more severe. Diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes ( left hand side armpit) which varied from uncomfortable to sore, sore neck and headaches. Unfortunately my son only admitted to these after me noticing he wasn’t well and querying whether these symptoms came after the vaccine.These lasted until yesterday 8/11/21. He is the only person in our household that has had the vaccine and knows our views are contrary to his. It was very upsetting for me and his father that he felt he had to hide this information from us and suffer alone. I am sure the reactions he had were more severe than what he told us.

My younger brother, 31 yrs received his first vaccine with no reactions. 2nd dose resulted in irregular heart beat, loss of breathe and feeling faint. Visited Hora Te Pai, Kapiti Coast.  Dr was concerned but said they couldn’t warrant a heart test because of the cost. He was rung after hours by a senior Dr that asked him to come in the next day for tests which they were now willing to perform but stated it would be done (under the table), implying he keep the test to himself. Thankfully his reactions to the vaccine are gone now.

I feel so many people are getting severe adverse reactions but are embarrassed to tell anyone because they felt forced into receiving it in the first place to maintain freedom of movement, non judgement and retaining their jobs. I hope you can use this data. If I can get my son and brother to consent to the information I have given you, I will.



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Severe vaccine reaction after both covid vaccines

Male. 42 years old.

After my 1st vaccine I could not fall asleep for two weeks. Severe insomnia and a fast pounding heart. I only slept once my body was exhausted. I returned to normal after approximately 2 weeks.

Six weeks later I had my 2nd vaccine. I have been unwell for 4 weeks now. Within minutes of the injection my heart took off racing and pounding, and I began to feel tired. I had insomnia for a few days and terrible nausea for a week. I was too sick to work for the following week. My GP did blood tests and an ECG. Bloods came back normal and the ECG was after my heart had calmed down. I was sweating for a week, Ive had a sore stomach and loss of appetite for 4 weeks, my stomach makes sounds it never made previously,  constant headaches, loss of balance, sensitivity to light and noise, I’m having trouble concentrating, trouble driving my car and trouble riding my bike because I lose all feeling of my bike below me. All of my joints still hurt. I’m constantly tired and fatigued. I sleep well but wake up tired and irritable with a headache. My nose began running uncharacteristically, then stopped.

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reactions ongoing 6 weeks later

On day 2 post Covid vaccine no. 2 I experienced a racing heart, blurred vision and heart pain. I went straight to the Doctor, my husband drove and was seen by a nurse who was very concerned and asked the Doctor to come in and see me. The Doctor said that it was NOT Covid vaccine related and it was not on the list of reactions.  Since then I have had daily headaches a cough, sore throats, lack of appetite, a lumpy left arm, dizziness and lack of concentration.

I was vaxxed on the 15th of Sept. It is now the 8th of Nov with no end in sight to my reaction.

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Pericarditis: Adverse reaction to Pfizer Heart Palpitation, blood clogging

It’s been since August I’m fighting to get some help to see a Cardiologist.
In August after few days I had my first dose I was checking my email and suddenly I felt strange and my head start to spin.
My blood pressure was
110 Pulse at rest
NOTE: I don’t use drugs and occasionally not always 1 beer a week! Now nothing due to medications Arvostatin and Propronol.
I was fit and lifting weights at list 4 days a week and never ever had fatigue, blood pressure spikes or any other health issue.
So Ambulance crew came and they did an EGC and a line was abnormal but they said was ok. They stayed 40 minutes or so waiting for my blood pressure. I though was just an episode, even if strange cause never ever had such thing in my life ever. That night I started to have tremors when I was lying down, and couldn’t sleep much also due to the heart palpitations.Since then always headhaces and dizziness especially when I was waking up in the morning, feeling really down with no power at all not even to open a bottle of water to drink. My heart was beating very fast even after opening a kitchen cabinet, absolutely crazy to me. Never ever felt like this in my life !
I asked to see my Doctor and they checked my blood pressure and was fine.
After a week (15 August) same thing, blood pressure spiked, my nails were purple and my heart was beating very fast, I called health line and they told me to immediately go to Emergency Room or call an ambulance.
I went to the Botany Medical Centre Eastcare. They checked my pressure which was high done an ECG, again a line was abnormal but they said was in general ok.
Doctor asked me if any from  my family suffered high blood pressure, and my Mum does actually. He said you probably need to start medication. I said ok. Anyway he said need to do the Troponin test full blood test too.
Values were ok strangely no high cholesterol.
I contacted my Doctor again and he prescribed me anti depressive pills which I refused to take, I was very scared while reading side effects. I explained I’m not anxious and not shaking at all during the day, I go to sleep and as soon as I lay down I have tremors and my heart start to beat fast. I begged my Doctor to see a Cardiologist cause something strange on my heart and I can feel the beating all the time, even in my head when I lay down on my bed.
So I carry on but I can’t sleep and cannot get better as days goes by. I see the Doctor again on the 1 of September and I asked him to please hear my Heart with the stethoscope. He heard something really strange, so I told him I know cause I can hear my heartbeat all the time which is not normal. So I asked him if I can have a MRI or CT on my heart. He prescribed me an Xray. I called Middlemore and they were fully booked and couldn’t see me until next week. So I went to a private lab in Botany and paid for it, I was feeling really fatigue and couldn’t even walk up 5 steps I have in front of my house. So I got image result after few hours and seem my heart was not big but looked normal.
So I said ok great, but still puzzled about my heart palpitations and my tremors when going to lay down and sleep.
I was anyway happy that day about the XRay results, watched a couple of movies and just relaxing and monitoring my blood pressure.
I go to bed, after not even a minute my heart start to beat fast. I didn’t care much and turn one side and trying to find a relaxed position and trying to sleep. After less than 10 minutes my tremors get worst, so much that I neeed to seat on the edge of my bed and trying to staying still. Never like this before. Getting worst and worst now I was shaking visibly and soo much I though I had an epilepsy attack, which I never had in my life and nobody from my family or back to 3 4 generations had this issue. My blood pressure was high and I can’t even stop my hands from shaking hard to even open the water bottle. I try to stay calm and waited 10 minutes…………………getting worst so I called the Ambulance.
After more than 1 hours an half they finally came, I explained to them all the history and I told them about Myocarditits/Pericarditis symptoms. They are of course on denial, however they assessed and asked me to go to the hospital cause they were worried anyway cause I was not getting better. Shaking at that time faded down thank god. Still shaking when I wake up every morning.
At the Hospital they did again troponin and full blood test and ECG. Doctor heard something strange on my heart and she tried to see my heart with the ultrasound, she however said she’s not an expert on that and couldn’t see any leaks of fluid apparently. I asked about the strange rumors from my heart, she said my GP need to follow up and asked for a Cardiologist specialist. She strongly recommend immediately to have a holter heart monitor for the next 48 hours. So I asked how do I get it, and she said your GP knows how to request it.
I begged the Emergency room Doctor if I can see a Cardiologist so they can hear my heart and understand what’s wrong, she stated not her job but my GP need to follow up.  I went home and send an eamil to my Doctor to let him know what happened and to request urgently an Holter heart monitor. I tried to call him later on the day. He said due to Covid now the Cardiologist cannot see me and it’s not up to him unfortunately. He said the heart monitor is given by the cardiologist not him. So I said but I cannot see the cardiologist and the Emergency Doctor strongly recommend for me to have one now.
I talked about the symptoms again and that strangely I never had any issues in all my life and my symptoms match perfectly the side effects from the Pfizer vaccine. I also asked him if a normal ECG rule out the Pericarditis/Myocarditis, he said definitely not. So I asked him to have a proper test to rule out that ! Still no further exams as we speak.
Now my heart beat it’s ok thanks to the Propranolol and Arvostatin, which I reduced at just 1 third of pill each day and 2 Propranolol each day before bed. However often during the week at list 3 times a week I need to top up my Propranolol again with 2 more pills in the middle of the night cause palpitations start. Also my tremors didn’t go away and still when I lay down trying to sleep and when I awake in the morning.
Health Minister and Covid Team replied when I submitted adverse reaction to the Vaccine, I asked for exemption due to the adverse reaction to the vaccine and they replied about mask exemption ! Still txt me and email me every second day to ask me to get the second dose of Vaccine! I can’t risk my life, I trusted and believed in the vaccine. I also posted a Video right after I got the jab at the Vodafone Event Centre in Auckland. I was happy and cheerful ! I’m not a no-vax.
Now I can’t run or do any activities cause I feel very fatigue ! Last time I tried to run few meters I had my heart beat at 90 for more than 24 hours and continously ! This is not normal at all.
I did report it on Covid 19 website and also sending an email to the Covid 19 Vaccination Team, they disregard totally ignoring and asking me to go ASAP to get the second dose.
Waiting to see Cardiologist, according to a letter I received no later than middle of November !
I emailed my GP again asking for the exemption, first time was back in September. Ignoring me and instead I had a phone call from his medical centre, harassing me telling me over the phone I have to do the second dose. I explained my GP knows my health condition, they can talk to him. They insist !! Again saying I have to do the second dose, I remained calm and told them again to talk to my Doctor, they didn’t want to let me go keeping me on the phone with aggressive attitude and ignoring not listening just repeating:”You had to do the second dose, for which day would you like to book it”? Unbelievable. I’m lost and unsure I can trust my GP anymore, I understood also now GP are under pressure too. It seems to me they abbandon me and just waiting to something really bad happening to my heart, no other logical expalnations ! So they can carry on and not worry about me ! P.S. Nurses at the Hospital were kind, however the Emergency Department Doctor she said not her job to let me see a Cardiologist.

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